Saturday, January 26, 2013

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One for Year of the Dragon, two for Year of the Snake

I suppose with the release of Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime Year of the Dragon Edition last year, it has now become a custom for Hasbro to come up with a Transformers release to commemorate the Chinese New Year. For this year, Year of the Snake, the company goes one step further by putting out not one, but two figures which are as big, if not bigger in size than last year's special Optimus Prime. ^^

Transformers Platinum Edition Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme are Hasbro's Year of the Snake offerings. ^^

While both Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme are recolored versions from the Energon series, the details look pretty good. Called Omega Sentinel in "Transformers Energon", Omega Supreme even spots a brand head design. ^^ The new color scheme really links the two to their original incarnations in Generation 1. ^^

Apart from the Chinese New Year motif, "Platinum Edition" seems to be a new series Hasbro is launching through these two huge releases. So, instead of mere reissues with different color schemes for the upcoming special occasion, Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme seem to be part of Hasbro's new merchandising plan for 2013. ^^

Given the extensive attention the company is giving to Chinese New Year special releases these two years, I won't be surprise if Hasbro comes up with an entirely new character and toy figure in the future for the festive celebration. ^^

On the other hand, getting Transformers figures for the Chinese New Year is going to be mighty funny if it's mentioned in the wrong context. ^^

A: "So, what did you get for the New Year?"
B: "New clothes and shoes"
C: "New hairdo"
D: "New Transformers figure"
A, B, C: "..."

But hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. XD

Images are from Toy People News.

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