Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Part 1

Between plamo and action figure

As part of the double feature mentioned in the introductory posting on Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen, the focus now shifts to Weissritter. ^^

Besides the romantic relationship between the pilots of the two mecha, Excellen Browning and Kyosuke Nanbu, Weissritter and Alteisen being customized units from the Gespenst lineage reflects the close connection between the two. So, when I was thinking about doing a review on Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen, doing a double feature was a very natural decision. ^^

Between the two, I like Alteisen more. ^^ I like Weissritter's color scheme and its sharp appearance, but the overall mecha itself isn't the most exciting design that appealed to me the same way Alteisen did when I first watched the anime series. Honestly, part of the reason for my liking towards Weissritter is the pilot I think. ^o^ If there's a version of Weissritter in either model kit or action figure featuring a figurine of Excellen Browning, I wouldn't have to hesitate like I did with this Super Robot Chogokin release, since that (imaginative) version would be an instant purchase for me. XD

I hesitated on the plamo version of Weissritter released by Kotobukiya in July 2006 as well. I managed to get myself all versions of Alteisen's model kit, but to get Weissritter or not has always been hard to decide for me. ^^; My interest would flare up every once a while when I see it on certain websites, and then it would diminish just as quickly when I couldn't pinpoint the exact interest or reason to get it. ^^; As an older release from Kotobukiya with sub par articulation design, the plamo version would really be just a "compliment" to Alteisen in my collection because of their scales, and that's not enough to convince me to get it.

Articulation is definitely not an issue with this Super Robot Chogokin version, and the heavy feel of a Chogokin figure is definitely a very attractive point (as discussed in the introductory posting on Alteisen) too. ^^ And in terms of complimenting Alteisen, I'm not sure if its scale is going to be close to 1/144 for the first and Ver. Progressive released by Kotobukiya, but it'll definitely be compatible with the Super Robot Chogokin version. So, with this Chogokin action figure of Weissritter, not only am I able to get all the features I'm looking for on that mecha, I get to have extra goodies too. ^^

And that's pretty much what motivated me in getting Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter. ^^

Like Alteisen's box design, narrow slits on the front cover do very little in revealing the content stored inside. ^^;

"Super Robot Wars: Original Generation" emblem and merchandising seal.

Simple box side design.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

A straightup comparison with Alteisen's box.

The overall design of the two boxes is completely identical to each other.

Box open.

Weissritter features an extra tray that holds its backpack and Oxtongue Rifle.

Top view of the main package content.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the main package content.

Closeups on the content.

Top view of the second package content.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the second package content.

Closeups on the content.

A straight out of box display of Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter. ^^

An instruction sheet is included, which shows how to configure Weissritter's weapons and special effect parts, as well as adjustment for its special articulation points.

Plenty of warning notes on sharp points on the figure.

Done with the introduction on Weissritter, back to Alteisen next with more images of the figure. ^^

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