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Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver Part 1

Soul Stage display stand Stronger Ver.

A long overdue review this is, as this item has been sitting in my closet for more than two years. ^^;

This is Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver. from Tamashii Nations. This is the first release version, which came out in July 2010. It was given a reissue in early December last year.

As the name suggests, this Soul Stage display stand set is intended for mecha-type figures. However, looking at its parts, especially the stand, bigger and heavier figures regardless of whether they are mecha or not should be the real targeted "users".

In relation to Act 4 for Humanoid Type, I suspect the distinction in such "roles" was established when Tamashii Nations found out that Act 3 which doesn't have any support "specialization" is good for smaller-sized figures, but isn't strong enough to support larger and heavier ones. A separate set would need to be designed to handle releases from Robot Damashii, S.I.C., and future series such as Super Robot Chogokin. While Robot Damashii and Super Robot Chogokin are most certainly mecha-type action figure series, S.I.C. is clearly not. This is where the name of the display stand may seem a bit misleading. ^^;

That's seriously no big deal for Tamashii Nations as Act 3, Act 4 and Act 5 are recommended for pretty much everything. ^^ Act 4 for Humanoid Type is recommended for mecha-type figures; while Act 5 for Mechanics Type is recommended for human-type too. S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo released late last month would be a good example of that absence of distinction, as the display stand set included to support the figure's flight pose is Act 5, not Act 4.

I suppose Tamashii Nations' take on the matter is, "Get all of them and switch between the sets until you get one that is suitable for your figure." XD Given that there are so many "anomalies" in all of Tamashii Nations' releases, that couldn't be too far away from the truth I think. ^^ It's much easier for everybody to disregard product series I think. ^^

I'm certainly not going to nitpick on which display stand set is strictly for which line of figures, and I think that's the reason I have been neglecting Act 5 thus far. Most of the display stands I have at the moment are capable of handling pretty much all the new figures and model kits in my reviews, so I'm not very keen on trying out new ones unless they are very different or are designed with their own unique gimmicks. di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. immediately comes to mind here. Then again, since the collectibles I'm getting are becoming more and more diverse in design, I recognize the need of having more display stand options is an important consideration. ^^

Which is why I got two boxes instead of just one for Act 5, despite each box having three sets of the same display stand base. ^^

Honestly speaking, the first figure I would like to put onto Act 5 is actually Play Arts Kai Cammy which was reviewed earlier this month. She is neither a mecha-type figure, nor is she a release from Tamashii Nations. Since Act 3 is not able to support her to be suspended entirely in mid-air, I'm looking forward to seeing Act 5 compensating for that. ^^

All the items are neatly arranged on the plastic tray, and can be partially seen through the box window.

A Knightmare Frame-like action figure is shown using the display stand on the box art.

Top view of the box.

(Left) Targeted action figure for this display stand set is the same as that for Act 3: smaller ones with height between 10 and 15cm.
(Right) Recommended Tamashii Nations' series include (but not limited to) Robot Damashii, S.H. Figuarts and S.I.C.

Very simplistic design for the left, right and bottom sides of the box.

Introduction of the display stand set on the back of the box.

Set content (following the list shown in the image above, top down, left column first): stand base x3, base connection part x4, clear connector part for the clips x3, joint (small) x3, clip (gripper type) x3, stand (movable) x3, stand (small) x3, clip (movable - clamp type) x3, instruction sheet x1.

Box open.


The three sets of base are stacked together, as with two types of clips, so the actual content is a lot more than what you're seeing here. ^^

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

Some basic instruction on how to assemble and configure the base is shown in the manual.

All parts from the box.

Stand base x3

Clear connector part for the clips x3, clip (gripper type) x3, clip (movable - clamp type) x3

Stand (movable) x3, stand (small) x3, joint (small) x3, base connection part x4.

The hexagonal base is 12cm long by 9cm wide.

Unlike Act 3, Act 5 has a non-configurable main stand.

(Left) Very tight ratchet joint connects the stand to the base.
(Right) A more standard but inseparable hinge joint to connect the stand to its clips or extension rod.

Using the clamp-type clips.

The "default" form of Act 5 display stand (I think). ^^

Forward/backward bend is possible for the ratchet base joint of the stand (although swiveling it around on the base will give you equal result as well ^^).

Using the extension rod and extra joint to extend the overall length of the stand.

With the extended display stand.

Like the base of Act 3, there are three buttons that can be removed from beneath the base.

The other two display stands can be mounted onto the base, and there's still room to squeeze in another one. ^^

Each side of the base has a small opening which allows it to be connected to other Act 5 bases using the connection parts.

Creative alignment and linkage of the bases is a feature not available on Act 3.

The clear connector part and gripper type clips are directly "inherited" from Act 3. ^^

Act 5 base with the gripper type clips.

Just introduction of the content in this first posting, a look at how the display stand can be used for Gunplas and action figures next. ^^

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