Monday, January 28, 2013

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The new old stuff

Was having a brief visit at the toy division of a local departmental store last week when I saw a whole bunch of new items on the shelves. Among them are action figures which I think must be quite ordinary to the franchise's fans, but are tremendously special to me. ^^ I couldn't resist the temptation not to get some, and eventually picked up two which seem more special than the rest. ^^

Star Wars Attack of The Clones VC51 Barriss Offee (Jedi Padawan) and Lost Wave Figure EP505 Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit). ^^ They are relatively new releases - Barriss Offee came out in June 2011 while Princess Leia was a July 2012 release. Princess Leia is actually the Vintage Collection version (VC111) with a different card. Amazingly, VC111 was actually among the items on the shelf, ^^ but I picked this alternate packaging version instead of that because of the large Star Wars label with an illustration of Luke and Leia on the card. That vintage look is just lovely. ^^

The fabric material used on the figures in such small scale is very interesting, but honestly speaking, the vintage look of the two packages played a more significant role in my purchase decision. ^^ Not an avid fan of "Star Wars", I normally just gloss over their merchandises when I see them. Yet, I flipped through all the packages of the figures that day just to have a look at their individual design, character image and description. ^^ It's the overall super-simplistic design of the package that attracted me more than anything. ^^ I probably would still gloss over this particular series of Star Wars figures two or three years back, but as I become more and more appreciative of old goodies over the years, the vintage look is certainly like a magnet for my attention now. ^^

It's kind of amazing to me that among all the different packaging designs for Star Wars figures in this scale so far, be it the more colorful ones, those with fancy cut on the cards, rounded clear cover design, set releases with nice illustration and others, the most simplistic design is what attracted me to get some of the figures. ^^ I'm sure that vintage feel is the whole idea behind the marketing design of this action figure series. It certainly works for me. ^^

Then again, I'm not thinking of seriously collecting the series at all. ^^; That would be equivalent to collecting all Transformers figures ever released to me. ^^;

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