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Play Arts Kai Cammy Part 1

The return of Play Arts Kai

Another action figure review after that tiny bit of model kit work on Keropla God Keron in the previous posting. ^^; This is Play Arts Kai Cammy.

Released by Square Enix in March last year, this is a rather new item in my collection. ^^ As part of Volume 2 of Play Arts Kai Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition series, she came out with Akuma. The pair who preceded Cammy and Akuma were Ryu and Chunli. As a big fan of the latter, I got Play Arts Kai Chunli back in December 2011. So I'm actually not following my purchase sequence in doing the review for this series. ^^; However, it's following exactly my personal tradition of "saving the favorite ones for last". XD

Square Enix is making some huge moves for this Play Art Kai series over the last two years. ^^ The characters included for the series come from more and more diverse universes. Most of them are characters from various video games - Cammy from "Street Fighter IV" for this review series for example. The announcement of the Dark Knight Trilogy series featuring Batman and Bane and Cowboy Bebop series with Spike Spiegel and Vicious expanded the overall series to now include movies and anime as well. ^^

Even in the video game section, the Play Art Kai series seem to be expanding endlessly into newer game titles to realize various characters into action figures. ^^ "Biohazard/Resident Evil", "Final Fantasy", "Bayonetta", "Devil May Cry", " Metal Gear Solid", "Halo" - the list just goes on and on. ^^ I started paying attention to the Play Art Kai series when Bayonetta and Jeanne were announced two years ago, and after experiencing the craftsmanship and playability of the two figures, releases from this action figure series seem more and more tempting to get. ^^

While all is well and awesome with the actual figures from the series, price has become an issue. ^^; 4,725 Yen (inclusive of tax) for Bayonetta versus 6,510 Yen (inclusive of tax) for the Dark Knight Trilogy Catwoman (May release); 5,460 Yen (inclusive of tax) for Chunli or Cammy versus 7,560 Yen (inclusive of tax) Ibuki (March release). Giving Square Enix the benefit of the doubt, inflation and increase in various costs play their parts in jacking up the price I believe. Those are elements uncontrollable by any single company without having to compromise on quality. Regardless of whatever reason it is for the price to go up so much over these two years, the bottom line is, the figures seems to be getting harder and harder for the wallet to handle if you're really into them. ^^;

Back to this figure herself, the liking of an action figure based off a muscular, beautiful and sexy female character is the main reason behind the purchase for Cammy. ^^ My knowledge of the character is close to zero, ^^; since my experience with the game was only limited to the really old version, the very first title I think, which featured Chunli as the only female character among a whole bunch of ugly brawlers and monsters. XD But I had seen illustrations and figurines of Cammy. She is one of four female characters from the entire series with names I can remember. ^^; The other three being Chunli, Crimson Viper and Ibuki (because of the announced Play Art Kai figure ^^;).

And that's pretty much what I can say about the character for introduction before opening the box. XD

A standard Play Art Kai package design for Cammy. The green color scheme used for the box is very eye-catching. ^^

All of the accessories included can be seen through the front window.

Labels showing Play Art Kai and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Closer look at the figure and accessories through the front window.

Simple design, typical of the Play Art Kai series on all sides of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Preview of Akuma from the same release series.

Comparison with Chunli from the first release volume of the series.

It's very obvious that the same box design template was used for both releases. ^^

Box opens.

Front view of the package content.

Package content without the top cover.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the package content.

Closer look at the content.

The plastic tray's grip on the figure and her accessories is so tight they don't fall out in an upside down position. ^^

Straight out of box Play Arts Kai Cammy

A very nice backdrop with green flame. ^^

The large character of "Kai" at the bottom of the backdrop.

An instruction sheet is included to show how the option head, option hand units and attack effect parts should be configured for the figure.

More images of the figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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