Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army Part 5 [Final]

A great trophy

More action poses of Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army after the previous posting. ^^

As with the previous posting, the figure is supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

It might be ugly, but all of its action poses are really awesome. ^^

Size comparison with other Revoltech figures:

Revoltech Protect Gear the Red Spectacles Edition

Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark II

Sci-fi Revoltech Predator

Looking at the two figures' height, I'm glad that Predator was designed to be proportionately accurate to a human character. ^^

The skull of Skeleton Army is an unexpected accessory for the Predator. ^^

An imperfect trophy it is, since the skull would be cleaned and polished to be kept as the hunter's prize. ^^

A rather weird entry in the already very weird Sci-fi Revoltech series, Skeleton Army does have a lot of merits as a really awesome action figure. The sculpting, painting and detailing are really well done for the figure itself, but at the same time, it's still a superb action figure to play with, as with all other Revoltech figures. The display base, an accessory that is even more attractive than the main figure itself (to me) is a tremendous addition to the content. As shown in Part 2, it's a great combination of details and gimmicks.

With the skeleton army appearing in numbers in the movie, I can imagine folks who wish to build their own skeleton army with multiple sets of this Sci-fi Revoltech release. Skeleton Army can be treated as a generic skeleton and used as props for other figures I guess. ^^ Then again, the price of 2,850 Yen (inclusive of tax) for this figure is also for the large display base, which might not be that useful in many situations because of that fixed skeleton skull and hands that seemed to be popping out of the ground. ^^;

I'm quite happy with just one, since I'm more interested in the figure's and base's design instead of getting a whole squadron of skeletal figures, and I have say I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of this figure. ^^

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