Thursday, January 17, 2013

Play Arts Kai Cammy Part 6 [Final]

Still not tall enough!

A couple more action poses featuring Play Arts Kai Cammy after the previous posting. ^^

 Rider  Cammy Kick! XD

To relieve Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type of the pressure of supporting Cammy's entire weight for this mid-air pose, the more generic Gunpla stand is called in to do the job instead. ^^

As mentioned in Part 1, I'm not familiar with Cammy, her story and fighting style in her game appearances. So I'm pretty sure I didn't manage to get all her signature moves to be shown through this figure. ^^; Speaking of which, adjusting all her action poses for the pictures is very fun. ^^ Half the fun is due to her overall large size. ^^ The experience of handling this larger-than-average figure is definitely different than posing Revoltech or Figma action figures. The heavier feel of all the parts is very special. ^^ Then again, that's not a statement to knock on releases from Revoltech or Figma. They have their own uniqueness and details which feel differently from Play Arts Kai figures. ^^

Another half of the fun is the beauty of the poses of course. ^^ Even though all her articulation design isn't special, as discussed in Part 3, all the joints work perfectly to support a whole wide range of action poses for Cammy. ^^ The different action poses also create new angles of display to show off the great paint work and detailing of the figure mentioned as mentioned in Part 2, which I welcome very much. ^^

It's a pity that the number of accessories given, especially option hand parts is so few. I'm sure more poses with different hand gestures would be even more cooler to see on Cammy, but the lack of accessories doesn't retroactively diminish the figure's merits. ^^

Comparison with one of the first two Play Arts Kai figures in my collection, Bayonetta:

While she can't beat Bayonetta's height, Cammy's body proportion is a lot easier to accept I guess. XD

Since I have yet to open up the box of Chunli from the same action figure series, here's a shot between Cammy and the relatively puny Revoltech Street Fighter Online version of Chunli, just for the fun of it. ^^

Got to slip in Chunli somewhere for a "Street Fighter"-related review. ^^

Also, since the comparison to Revoltech and Figma action figures in general was made every so often in some of the previous postings, here's a comparison between Cammy and figures from those two action figure series for a more concrete perspective on the matter. ^^

With Figma Meiya Mitsurugi and Revoltech Queen's Blade Alleyne.

The height and size difference is very apparent, even with Figma Meiya Mitsurugi who is the tallest Figma figure in my collection so far. ^^

On a separate note, Cammy looks like she could be a long lost relative of Alleyne. XD

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