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Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Part 2

The more familiar feel of an action figure

Back to Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter after the previous posting on Alteisen from the same series. ^^

Unlike Alteisen which enjoys the benefit of not having any handheld weapon or special attachments, Weissritter has a massive rifle and backpack which are separated from the figure in the box for storage purpose. Weissritter won't seem complete without those two components, and since some mentioning is needed for each of them before they are being equipped onto the figure, I guess it would be easier to have a rundown on all the figure's accessories and option parts before showing off Weissritter in full glory. ^^

On a separate note, this is where Weissritter would seem more like an action figure than Alteisen, at least for now. ^^

Accessories and option parts for Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter.

The backpack.

Minus the four wings and stabilizer fin, the core block of the backpack reminds me of the body of a Core Fighter from the Gundam universe. ^^

Pointy tips on sharp thin wings. ^^

The stabilizer fin can be lifted/lowered.

Both wing blocks can be bent backward to give the two pairs of wing more movement and display options.
The wings actually have different range of movements depending on whether the wing blocks are adjusted, as you can see below.

With the wing blocks folded flat, the wings can form a giant "大" (Chinese character for "big"). ^^

With the wing blocks bent to the back, some room is created at the wings' base, allowing the wings to stretch out further to form a giant "X". ^^

The two larger thrusters are on ball-type joints that allow them to be moved freely and flexibly.

A clip-type connector and a pair of slots that fit onto the back of Weissritter secure its connection with the backpack.

The wings and stabilizer fin certainly add a lot of width and depth to the entire figure. ^^

Weissritter's main weapon, Oxtongue Rifle.

Despite its size, the entire weapon is actually very light. The entire barrel feels hollow. ^^

The rifle's body has very detailed paint work applied. ^^

Total length of the rifle is 17.5cm.

 Beam saber  Plasma Cutter ^^

(Left) The beam part can actually be separated from the handle. ^^
(Right) Total length of the Plasma Cutter is about 12cm.

Option part for the extended Triple Beam Cannon.

Hinge joint detected behind the part, which gives a very obvious hint on one of the arm's articulation point. ^^

(Left) Detaching the default wrist part from the figure's left arm.
(Right) The hand unit needs to be swapped onto the option wrist part as well.

The left forearm with the extended Triple Beam Cannon.

A pair of option fins (sensor units) for the head which are made of soft plastic.

A total of three pairs of option hand units are included. The fists shown at the bottom right corner are the default pair of hand units on the figure.

The trigger-type hand units to hold Oxtongue Rifle.

The instruction sheet sure made it look simple when you want to attach the hand unit to Oxtongue Rifle's handle, but quite a bit of twisting and wiggling is needed to not only get the hand to hold the handle, but to fit the index finger onto the trigger as well. ^^;

The wrist area of the hand unit is slightly protruded to minimize collision between the rifle and the forearm area when the hand unit is reattached onto the figure.

Once you're able to get the hand unit onto Oxtongue Rifle's handle, the pose is very natural-looking. ^^

A pair of open fists to hold Plasma Cutter.

A pair of spread palm.

The default pair of closed fists.

The adapter part to mount the figure onto a display stand.

The adapter clips to two slots of the hip: one behind and another one beneath it.

Quite a testament to Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver's strength in supporting larger and heavier figures, it's having no problem at all with Weissritter on the stand. ^^

The figure components which contain or are made of die-cast parts are quite similar to those on Alteisen as shown in the previous posting.

(Left) The shoulder joints,
(Right) hip joints,

(Left) Calf areas,
(Right) and foot joints.

Despite the similarity in die-cast material components on the figure, Weissritter doesn't feel as heavy as Alteisen, which is pretty much a given point given the huge size difference between the two. The backpack of Weissritter may look huge, but it's very light, as with its large rifle as mentioned above. ^^

Back to Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen to have a look at its articulation design. ^^

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