Monday, January 7, 2013

Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army Part 2

A display base worthy of its own review

A posting just on the accessories and option parts of Sci-fi Revoltech Skeleton Army after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Skeleton Army and all of its accessories.

Following my "conventional" review sequence, a series of images of the figure would follow after examining its accessories. Not for Skeleton Army though. ^^ The design for its accessories is quite something. ^^

The accessories for this figure alone are more than the ones in Iron Man Mark II, Predator and Alien combined. ^^

The shield with an octopus as its pattern.

The shield with a lion head as its pattern.

Apart from the clearly printed patterns, you can also see dirt effect on the shield to depict them as ancient weapons brought out by the skeleton warriors from beneath the ground. ^^

An option arm part is needed for the figure to wield the shield.


Metallic paint effect for the spear head.

Total length of the spear is 16cm.


Very nice metallic black and silver paint work on the handle, cross guard and blade sections.

Two pairs of option hand units and an option part to hold the shield.

Rather normal-looking option hand units.

The sword can be separated at its handle and cross guard for the weapon type option hand unit to be attached to it.
As you can see, the weapon type option hand unit has a vertical hinge joint that would allow it to be tilted upward/downward at wrist level.

The option left arm has a Revoltech joint for the elbow, but a fixed wrist with a slot on the back to attach to the shield.

Attaching the option left arm to the back of the shield.

Since the handle is fixed to the option arm part, there's no other way for the figure to hold the shield.

The default pair of palms.

Three large components that form Skeleton Army's display base, with each having its own sets of gimmicks. ^^

The base is roughly 8cm by 8cm in size, while the pillar is about 4cm wide and 8cm tall.

Brilliant detailing for the different parts of the base. ^^

Nothing to see on the bottom face. ^^

Either slots beneath the base can be used to connect to the half-skeletal figure.

The pillar.

Very realistic-looking paint work and weathering effect to show the stone nature of this part. ^^

The pillar is completely hollow, as you can see from the rear face of the part. The pegs can be used to hold most of Skeleton Army's weapons and accessories.

The five slots right behind the pillar are reserved for the option hand units and arm part.

The large slot behind the base is meant to hold the shield.

"Full house" behind the pillar. XD
The display base will be in charge of looking after some of the other accessories left out by the pillar. ^^

The half-skeletal figure to decorate the display base.

While the design is essentially the same as the main figure, most of the parts are actually fixed. The rib cage for example is a painted solid piece as opposed to the main figure which has actual hollow splits between the rib cage bones.

The head has two movable points: swivel neck joint allows the head to turn from side to side. The mandible can be opened/closed as well.

A Revoltech joint is incorporated for the right shoulder.

Hinge joint for the right hand to show off different sword poses.
Via the wrist peg, the right hand can swivel around for even more poses with the sword.

The sword used by the figure is the exactly the same as the one introduced earlier one.
A skeleton warrior that wields two swords instead of one with a shield immediately comes to mind. ^^

Any of the three right hand units from the main figure can be given to half-skeletal figure to give it a totally different pose.

No details whatsoever on the bottom face of the figure.

Very simple peg and slots to connect between the three components. ^^

A huge display base is formed. ^^

A dedicated slit behind the base is meant to hold the sword.

I couldn't really figure out how the spear fits behind the pillar. ^^; No instruction is given, only a small image behind the box serves as a guide to the entire process. In the end, I just slide the pole between the shield and the back of the pillar, and let the pressure between the parts to keep the spear in place. ^^

The complete display base that holds all of Skeleton Army's accessories and option parts - the figure itself would have to be equipped with the other shield though. ^^;

The hollow spot in the middle of the base has a peg that can be used to connect to the figure's sole and support its standing pose. ^^

The standard RevolContainer, RevolChip and name plate.

A typical name plate featuring the character name and movie origin.
There's no spot on the display base to hold the the name plate though. ^^;

The RevolContainer has proven to be mighty useful in storing all the large display base parts and long weapons. ^^;

Since the display base can hold all accessories for the main figure, I used the RevolContainer to store all the unused parts.

A very awesome display base it is. ^^ It certainly supports Skeleton Army's display, but in doing so, it totally overshadows the main figure with its details and gimmicks as well. ^^

More images of Skeleton Army with the display base in the next posting. ^^

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