Sunday, November 15, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 7

Breaking the symmetry

Assembling the arms and legs of HGUC Nu Gundam in this review.

Minus the direction of the ankle and thigh joints when assembled, the legs are actually perfectly symmetric. Every component of the legs is done twice for either leg. The design in my opinion, is pretty amazing ^^

Parts for the feet

The gripping claws on the bottom of the feet are painted, the portion revealed on the top is from foil sticker.

While there's a polycap joining the ankle and the shoe that allows the earlier to be lifted for added articulation, it's unfortunately limited by the white armor.

The "mecha" parts - thigh joint, interior of the leg and ankle joint.

Just two parts for the white armors on each leg.
The different direction in which the ankle joint is assembled defines which side it's for.

And some more parts to complete the leg.

While the front part seems pretty simple simple, ...

Plenty of details can be seen behind the leg and beneath it - on the thruster and behind its armor, details behind the knee armor and beneath the leg.

Parts for the thigh and knee joint.

Now I see it, so much gold and silver just for the knee joint is pretty striking ^^

Separating between left and right leg.

Completed. ^^

Just OK articulation for the leg, better than the MG version that it.
The new polycaps are really tight. ^^

Another look at the painted interior of the thrusters, claws and the knee joint. ^^

While the legs are symmetric, the arms, particularly the forearms are totally not. The left forearm is designed with a beam saber mounted, while the right one is pretty plain.

The left forearm is the only part on the model that can carry the shield as well. ^^;

All the parts for the left arm.

Comes with an optional spread palm as well.

Has the ability to store and deploy the beam saber just like the MG version.

An improvement as compared to the MG version: the shield can be mounted on the side or the back of the forearm.
It's foreseeable that it'll still hit the Fin Funnels on the backpack when they are mounted though ^^;

All the parts for the right arm.

A much simpler design, with no "hidden" function ^^

As with the leg, articulation is just OK. ^^;

Assembly will continue in the next review. ^^

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