Thursday, November 5, 2009

MG F91 Part 1

Double mystery

I was thinking of to putting "My next big project" as the tag line but I suppose the one above would be a way more suitable one.

Yes indeed, this MG kit bugs me with a great mystery. Read on to find out what is it about. ^^;

Anyway, calling this as a big project isn't an exaggeration really. It's the MG kit I'm working on after MG Unicorn Ver. Ka, and comparing the two, I'm sure everyone is aware of the huge size difference. Also, there weren't much details to attend to, nor panel-lining done as I omit those parts for my interpretation of Unicorn Ver. Ka. So the work back then, and the one just completed - 1/100 Astray Red Frame was pretty relaxing really.

On the contrary, plenty of details to attend to for this MG, and the work isn't going to be as easy anymore. It may be very small (a bit taller than HG kits if not mistaken), but the details are nothing less than what you would expect from an average MG. Thinking about the treatment on those details is pretty exciting for me. ^^

The attention and workload for F91's parts is going to be "big". ^^

A smaller type box for a small MG kit.
If you take away the Rafflesia base, the box can be much thinner actually ^^

An older type marking of the runner. The "new" standard of hollow alphabets molded on the runner only came one year later, starting with MG Turn A Gundam.

Plenty of hints here and there screaming out loud that there are going to be variations coming out from these runners. ^^

Super-duper tiny decals and clear stickers scare me ^^;

Super-duper tiny parts scare me even more, especially those triangular yellow parts ^^;
That's why I didn't separate the Vulcans from their tree actually. I have no idea what spare part to replace them with if they are missing, so it's easier if I'm more cautious about them in the first place.

Everything went just according to the book so far. But when I wanted to cut out the parts for the shoulder armor's joints, I couldn't find it.

When I checked on the tree and the runner list in the manual,


They are supposed to be included, but they are not!!

Oh wow~

The lost of those cannon turrets for the display base (MA Rafflesia) was hard to bear, but at least it doesn't affect the function of the display base, but how can those shoulder armors be used without the joints.

A very serious problem there.

Then I remember MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth I bought much later than F91. Since the two of them share some similar parts, maybe there is hope that those missing parts are included but are not being used by Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth.

Sure enough, I got the parts I need from Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth's runners, but not before another huge surprise:


They are not supposed to be included, but they are!!


Spent some time trying to figure out the whole thing after that, and I thought, "Could I be the one who messed up the runners in the first place, displacing one's runners in another's box?" But then again, I placed the two in separate locations, and I normally take out one box of Gunpla to look at at a time, never more than one. So it's impossible for the two kits to meet each other and be messed up. "Could it really happened at one time and I can't remember about it anymore?" That's not really the case either, I don't suppose I would make this kind of mistake on my Gunplas. It's just too ridiculous. ^^;

And I don't sleep-walk.

But it's even stranger to think that the errors (that's two MG involved there) came from the factory. Two in one go? and both ended up in my possession. What's the odd of that? ^^;

All the parts are ready now, but I couldn't help it but to put on a face like this for the whole night:



Chong said...

Buddy you sure have this kind of luck LOL

Dopeydavoid298 said...

When i got the MG f91, one of the big white plactic parts in the side of the torso was all bendy. Like someone had left it out in extreme heat and bent it a lot. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

lol kinda freaky actually.
making gunpla might help you discover your double personality...

Ngee Khiong said...


So early today? XD XD

AstrayP03 said...

LOL isnt that too much of a coincidence?

L said...

I guess we should call detectives NK lol.

Chris said...

Then, could it be possible that there's a certain period where the factory mix up these runners? And that there are a number of boxes mixed up too?

Anonymous said...

lolol at Chiyo's freakout face. Though the line "Mystery-ya" should've came with Osaka's face.

Big luck for you getting two "defectives" eh.

heatnix18 said...

I think someone is messing with your collection XD

Anonymous said...

i checked dalong & the runner of MG F91 does come with the supposedly "missing" parts.

mystery solved? XD