Saturday, November 14, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 6


Starting to roll out HGUC Nu Gundam after more than a month.

Assembling all the weapons today:

Fin Funnels

Many similar but not identical parts for the Fin Funnels, so I separate them into several boxes so that I won't confuse myself with any of them later on.

Normally for such components I'll just put them all into the same paper box.

These are the "thrusters" or central connecting parts of Fin Funnels - same for all 6 Fin Funnels.

Very brilliant part separation between the yellow and black parts designed by Bandai. ^^

Moving on to the body of the Fin Funnels:

The 6 Fin Funnels are being separated into 3 separate sets, with 2 of the same design for each set. While the body looks all the same, the location of the connectors on the side of the body is different for each set. It's through this design that they can form the giant "A" when mounted onto each others later on.

The mechanism is actually the same design inherited from the MG version. ^^

Foil stickers are used for the yellow portion of the body. The bottom is painted though.

Completed Set 1

Apart from using the boxes, I also marked each fin with numbers from the construction manual just in case they get mixed up.
"49" means step 49 from the manual, referring to type 2 Fin Funnel.

The clip to connect between the parts are designed with distinctive marking to separate between sets as well.
2 dots in the center of the clip means it's for type 2, 3 dots for type 3.

Completed all 3 sets of Fin Funnels.
Without looking at the details, they look all the same ^^

Behind the parts, there are bars indicating which set that particular Fin Funnel belong to. You can just see them as Roman numbering actually. ^^
These bars are just behind the top parts of the Funnels actually (left picture). You get a generic design for all 6 bottom parts (right picture).

All 6 can be folded to show the deployment mode.
The joints between them are made from ABS, so the articulation is very sturdy and can maintain the shape very well too.

Joining the Fins Funnels onto each others to be mounted onto the backpack.
The combo is (from left) Type 1 → Type 2 → Type 1 → Type 2 → Type 3 → Type 3.

Completed. ^^

Again, ABS parts for the connector between the Fins, so the whole block is very sturdy.

Beam Rifle

Just 4 parts for the entire rifle, pretty simple in design. ^^

New Hyper Bazooka

Targeting sensor and the head of the bazooka are painted.
There's one foil sticker included for the later but I decided to paint it anyway.

The body and tail of the bazooka are made into two components.

Completed. ^^

Shield and beam saber

The "mouth" of the beam saber is actually separated from the body - I didn't really separated them as shown in the picture.

I love the very dynamic design of the beam part more than the smooth one from the MG version.

Will move on to Nu Gundam next. ^^


Nivla said...

what the... i see the HGUC Hi Nu gundam doesn't even have 6 fin funnels that can flip but this Nu can? something is wrong...

Anonymous said...

MG hi-nu and HGUC nu..... Never get the other way around =D

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