Thursday, November 19, 2009

Robo Moe & the Boss Man

Two of the Same Case

Got myself a Figma Drossel and Transformers 2 Leader Class Optimus Prime yesterday ^^

I was hoping to get the Takara Tomy version of the Boss, as I believe the quality would be better, but I always missed the opportunity to get it. I was having a walk in my local shopping mall when I saw him, and thought, "What's the bother anyway?"

The first Movie Optimus Prime I got back in 2007 was the Takara Tomy version.

Both Optimus Prime and Drossel share one similarity for me - I belong to the group who missed the chance to get them when they were first released. Missed Optimus Prime for waiting too long, and only fell for Drossel after it was out of stock. Good thing there are still Optimus Prime to be seen in my place, and Drossel was reissued some time ago.

But missing the first chance is very common for me, in a bad way that is. ^^; Max Factory's 1/8 Shenhua, Yamato's 1/60 Complete Transformation SV-51γ Nora's Unit and Medicom Toys' RAH 12" Chunli are all of the same case as well. Good thing I got them anyway, after long time of searching.

There are a few others pending for "recovery", like archeological dig like that XD


Q said...

For gunpla, there's no huge problem on missing out the release date as they usually keep on coming. But for figures, it's pretty much now or never unless they will be re-released, so it's such a pain to buy figures IMHO (e.g. Max Factory Shana). Not planning to get anymore after this year, especially after ALTER Fate coming sometime next week or so... -_-;;

I'll just stick to gunpla at most - a lot more easy to track down and handle I must say @_@

Chris said...

According to my experience with Drossel (and most other Drossel owners), there are a few joint issues. It can be fixed with blow dryer though.

Q said...

Yea Chris is right Drossel apparently has some problems, mostly notably at shoulder joints. Check yours just in case because some people have broke theirs already.

Anonymous said...

takara's products are always the same quality as hasbro's. the only time they may differ are with paint applications.