Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 8

Mixing new and old design elements

This posting will complete the assembly of HGUC Nu Gundam. ^^ Components to be completed in this review are the waist, body, backpack, shoulder armors and head.

Parts for the waist. While the exterior is quite plain, details of the frame can be seen behind the armors.


A look at the details on all the different pieces beneath the waist.

Lower body completed

Like I said in the previous review, there's not much articulation to the legs at all. ^^;

Parts for the backpack. There's an extra set of parts for the Fin Funnels' mount rack, thanks to Bandai's repeated runners.
While not mentioned in the manual, you can still use these parts to show an "alternate mode" of mounting the Fin Funnels onto the model.

Backpack completed.

With beam sword mounted. Unlike the MG version, the storage rack for the beam sword is non-movable.

Mounting the Fin Funnels. There's a significant weight to the entire block for the model to handle.

Parts for the body

The targeting sensor on the left chest is from foil sticker.

Parts for the body can be separated into these few components: shoulder joints, neck, front and back parts of the body.

The clip-on design to connect the abdomen to the upper body is new to me.

Design of the movable shoulder joints are inherited from many MGs and HGUCs.

Body and backpack completed.

Completely identical set of parts for the shoulder armors, and brilliant part separation as well. The seem line blends with the cut between armors and is almost non-detectable at first glance.
Also, it's kind of a surprise to me that although there are so much details for the waist armors, there is none inside the shoulder armors ^^;

Completing the upper body

Applying the clear sticker to the shield and left shoulder armor.

Parts for the head. The eyes and the targeting sensors are from foil sticker.
A one-piece part each for the helmet and face/eye is a new design.

Head completed.

Putting the head onto the model is the last "ceremonial" step for the completion of a model for me XD
But it's really hard to turn the head thanks to the stiff joint ^^;


Chris said...

Quote:" can still use these parts to show an "alternate mode" of mounting the Fin Funnels onto the model.

Does this mean, I don't have to buy 2 HGUC Nu to show the funnels mounted on both shoulders?

noeljm said...

hey chris. i don't think you need to buy a second kit to do that. unless, you want another 6 fin funnels on the other shoulder.

with the extra part for the "alternate mode" you just need to put 3 fin funnels on each sides.

hope that helps. ;)

Busterbeam said...

definitely starting to recognize your style. your panel lines and detailing are amazing as usual.

Sam Lysne said...

Wow, really making me want to get the HGUC Nu... Way to go!