Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 9

My best job is standing just like that

Last little bit of assembly for HGUC Nu Gundam - putting everything together.

Adding on the rifle, bazooka, shield and Fin Funnels.

The handle of the weapons and the model's hand units are designed with tabs to secure the position of the weapons. The same design is to be found on MG models.
Due to the little weight of the weapons, the design is almost like an overkill - the tab can securely hold the rifle without even completely assembling the hand unit XD

I actually prefer the model to be displayed without the space-consuming Fin Funnel block. ^^

With Fin Funnels mounted.
Really strong joints help to keep the model to stand up very well even with the imbalance weight on the left portion of the model.


Val Varo said...

Looking nice~
I was afraid that it would lean once the fin funnels were on, but it stands perfectly! I'm definitely getting this.

Anonymous said...

whats the height of this hguc compared to 1/100 scale i've been wanted to get a nu gundam for a long time but im not a fan of the curent mg design