Friday, February 7, 2014

Figma KOS-MOS Part 3

2x3x3 Gatlings

Focusing on the many weapons and option parts included for Figma KOS-MOS after the previous posting. ^^

All of Figma KOS-MOS's weapons and option parts.

The only option face part for KOS-MOS, with blue pupils painted to depict her looking to the left. Her pupils are red on the default face part.
According to the character's Wikipedia article, KOS-MOS with blue eyes is more powerful, but more human-like at the same time.

An option head part that shows the Fatima Gras device in KOS-MOS's forehead. A "complimentary" right eyepatch comes with the device it seems. ^^
The device is used to generate the Hilbert Effect, a force field that can render invisible enemies (in the game universe of Xenosaga) visible.

The rear head part on KOS-MOS has an extra slot beneath that for the fringe. Vacant by default, the slot can be utilized to hold the aforementioned Fatima Gras device.

The face part cannot be pulled out right away due to the cheek ornaments. Instead, the face part must be detached from its rear connecting tab first, then slid out from the top.

KOS-MOS with her option face part.

KOS-MOS with her option face part, and the Fatima Gras device.

The default face part.

KOS-MOS with her default face part, and the Fatima Gras device.

Four pairs of option hand units are included for KOS-MOS.

A pair of standard-looking spread palms.

A pair of trigger-type hand units to operate the projectile weapons, mainly the two Gatling guns.

A pair of more expressive spread palms.

A pair of normal open fists that can be used to hold some of the weapons.

The default pair of closed fists.

KOS-MOS's weapon of choice: a pair of three (sets) by three (barrels) Gatling guns. ^^

Putting aside the nice shiny gold, silver, and dark gray paint work, the size of these two weapon parts is very amazing. ^^

Closeups on the details.
The level of sculpted and painted details on pretty much every area of the Gatling guns is very impressive.

Two seemingly identical muzzle effect parts for the Gatling guns.
While the sculpted details are well done, the effect parts's uniform color makes them seem a bit bland. In comparison, the weapon effect parts included for Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine don't seem as "elaborate" as KOS-MOS's on the sculpt detail aspect, but their paint work is much more impressive. ^^

Three pegs behind each effect part connect to the top-most, bottom left, and bottom right muzzle points on the Gatling gun.

A look at the effect parts on the Gatling guns' muzzles. ^^

(Left) The effect parts themselves are about 2cm long each.
(Right) Each gatling gun is 14cm long - not excessively long I suppose, but the weapons still impress for its tremendous overall size, especially when compared to the action figure who is supposed to be using them.

(Left) A pair of clear sticks are included as supporting stands for the gatling guns when they are deployed.
(Right) The clear sticks are attached to peg slots beneath the weapons' main body.

Due to the gatling guns' considerable size and weight, it's much easier equipping the hand units to the gatling guns' handle first, then to the figure, instead of the more troublesome "conventional" method of attaching the handles to the option hand units when the latter are already on the figure herself. ^^

The two clear sticks are absoultely necessary to maintain the gatling guns in a upright position when they are being held by KOS-MOS. It would be unreasonable to expect her normal Figma-joint equipped elbows to have the needed strength to maintain the weapons' position, while standing without problem at the same time. ^^;

The image of a dual heavy-weapon wielding action figure is incredible. ^^

Given the length of this posting up to this point, the rest of KOS-MOS's weapons and option parts are going to be covered in the next posting. ^^

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