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Figma KOS-MOS Part 2

Superb artificial fabric details, and more

Given the huge array of weapons included for the figure, which warrants a dedicated posting for their introduction because of just how awesome they are, ^^ I'm going to alter the usual sequence of my action figure reviews for Figma KOS-MOS. After the introduction in the previous posting, Part 2 will focus on showing off the figure's details, as well as her articulation design. ^^

Closeups on the details:






As mentioned in the previous posting, the heavy weaponries and large number of option parts may steal some spotlight off the figure, but upon closer examination, the details of KOS-MOS herself are very beautiful to say the very least. ^^ Somewhat similar to Hatsune Miku Append Ver., the unique material color of the figure's hair is an immediate attention drawer - with such long hair, it's impossible not to notice its special look. ^^ Originally molded in glossy light blue, the rear pieces' color on my figure has darkened a bit, due to long period of storage I suppose. ^^; The color contrast between the rear pieces and fringe is especially obvious when the parts are viewed from a specific angle, but it's not too bad that it's not tolerable, at least to me. ^^ Still, the glossy and almost-translucent quality of the hair is still very lovely to me. The sculpt work for the curves and tips is very well done too, and certainly give the hair a natural look. I would definitely give KOS-MOS the same hair compliments I gave to the many gashapon figurines of Lacus Clyne or Meer Campbell reviewed in the past. I supposed that would save me a lot of time repeating many of the same comments I made on this particular subject in the past. ^^

Apart from the hair, the overall sculpt work of KOS-MOS's costume is very amazing. ^^ All the folds and wrinkles on her dress and boots are sculpted, and just like the hair, the result is pretty realistic. ^^ Some of the best outcomes in this matter can be seen on the bust, and abdomen section of KOS-MOS, which I will point to the images above for you to find out the details yourself.

Sculpted details aside, the paint work, and minor detailing on KOS-MOS are quite wonderful. Intricate combination of gold, white, light blue, and dark blue paints can be seen on the headgear, bust, gauntlets, back, and belts on her legs. The tiny golden straight line that runs from her bust down through the sculpted wrinkles on the abdomen is perhaps the single detail that can summarize the accurateness of the overall detailing work in my opinion. ^^ Then again, there are so many other tiny, but very lovely details on the figure, some which aren't clearly revealed upon first viewing. ^^ The jagged edges of her stockings, garter belts, and criss-crossing strings behind the knees, all which are painted by the way, are definitely great details to behold. ^^

Since we're on the subject of the figure's awesome details, the "hidden" ones, to be shown in the next section, are quite amazing too. ^^

A look of Figma KOS-MOS's articulation design:

Standard range of vertical tilt for the head.

Horizontal bend is limited by the collision between the hair and the shoulder.

The two Figma joints which connect the back of the head to the two large hair pieces can be seen.

The two Figma joints' main function is to allow the hair pieces to be lifted.

The straight pegs of the joints also allow the hair pieces to swivel around them.

You can of course combine the the hinge and swivel points to adjust the hair pieces to different positions according to your liking. ^^

Standard range of upward bending for the shoulder I would say.

With the upper arm swivelled around so that the shoulder joint is facing upward, the arm can be bent upward for an even wider range. ^^

Since the base of the shoulder joint is of ball-type, the arms can be tilted forward/backward for a slight degree.

The straight pegs of the shoulder and elbow joints allows the upper arm and forearm to swivel around them, respectively.

Standard articulation range for the elbow.

The ball-type joint inside the figure's chest allows a flexible range of side-to-side and backward/forward bends.

More dynamic looking poses for the body can be created by combining the two types of bend mentioned above.

The skirt is made of soft plastic, allowing the hips and legs to be adjusted without much obstruction.
There are very nice sculpt and paint details to be seen beneath the skirt, especially KOS-MOS's panties. ^o^

A single hinge-joint connecting each side skirt armor to the waist allow it to be flipped vertically for a limited range.

The hips are of standard ball-type joint design. The soft plastic property of the skirt, and the bendable side skirt armors mentioned above allow the hips' sideways expansion to be adjusted very easily, and without much limitation. ^^

As with the figure's forward splits. ^^

Somewhat limited knee articulation range, but not too bad to be considered a weakness.
The limitation is especially obvious when compared to the same articulation capability on Hatsune Miku Append Ver., and is most likely due to KOS-MOS's larger (more muscular? ^^) thighs and calves.

Limited forward-backward bends for the ankle joint, understandably so for the boots' design.

Using its peg joint, the ankle can swivel from side to side for a very limited degree - perhaps just enough to support the figure in certain standing poses.

In terms of articulation design, KOS-MOS is fairly standard when compared to other Figma action figures. The most interesting feature, which ties in with the overall high quality of her paint and sculpt work, is the elaborate details hidden beneath her flexible skirt I would say. ^^ Most of the details aren't obviously detectable unless the skirt is lifted for a wide degree (for whatever reason that becomes necessary XD), but they are there. I'm certainly happy that the details are given. More details on a figure is always great to me. ^^

A look at KOS-MOS's accessories and option parts in the next posting. ^^

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