Sunday, February 9, 2014

Figma KOS-MOS Part 4

After the biggest guns comes the longest sword

A continuation from the previous posting on the introduction of Figma KOS-MOS's weapons and option parts. ^^

Despite being smaller than the Gatling guns, Dragon Tooth is actually a more versatile weapon to be displayed with KOS-MOS. It has at least one alternate mode which has an extra part included for it.
This is the undeployed state of the weapon, which can be seen as perhaps a short sword, or a katar for those who don't really follow the character setting from the game (like me ^^;).

In terms of size, the weapon is still pretty big when compared to the action figure. ^^

Closeups on the details of Dragon Tooth.

Length of the weapon: 13cm.

The top and bottom panels can be detached.

A long energy blade included for Dragon Tooth's alternate mode.

The gradient blue paint work is beautifully executed on the entire blade part. ^^

The entire blade is 14.5cm.

Using the two inward-facing tabs that can be seen in the previous image, the energy blade can be slotted into the main body of Dragon Tooth.
The top and bottom panels can then be reattached to their respectively side on the weapon, albeit to a different set of slots to form a giant energy sword.

Most impressive for its length, it's still smaller than the gatling guns when its overall size, and weight are taken into consideration for the comparison.

The sword form's length is about 20cm.

The handgun is the smallest weapon included for KOS-MOS.

The high quality of the handgun's sculpted and painted details is consistent with that as seen on the figure herself, and all the other option parts introduced before this. ^^

The most beautifully sculpted option part, and perhaps the weirdest among them all is this one: an option bust part to show KOS-MOS deploying her X-BUSTER attack (seemingly a powerful energy launcher from her Wikipedia article).

The many colors beautifully painted on the protruding blades are very well done. All the blades are made of soft plastic as well, to prevent them from getting broken easily.

The default bust part on KOS-MOS can be slid off easily for the X-BUSTER part to take its place.
While the part-swapping feature itself is pretty standard in design, I do find the seamless connection between KOS-MOS's neck and collar section with the bust part to be very well done. ^^ It's another point to add to overall great craftsmanship of the figure. ^^

KOS-MOS with the X-BUSTER part.
Another option face part, one showing KOS-MOS shouting would be helpful to depict the aggression in the figure's pose with this option party attached, to show that it's actually a weapon part I think.

Apart from being similar to Dragon Tooth in appearance, this arm blade is just as flexible for poses, with the Figma joint incorporated as its "handle".

Closeups on the weapon's simple details.

The forearm with its elbow joint (on either arm) needs to be detached for the arm blade to be equipped.

KOS-MOS with the arm blade.
Shown here to be equipped to the right arm of KOS-MOS, the weapon can also be equipped to the other arm.

A peg slot on KOS-MOS's spine allows the figure to be fitted to a Figma stand.

Some action poses from KOS-MOS after the long introduction on her weapons and option parts:

Biggest sword + longest sword for KOS-MOS ^^

More action poses from KOS-MOS coming up in the next posting. ^^

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Anonymous said...

An expressionable face for KOS-MOS defeats the purpose. She never displays emotion in her red-eye state, and the only expression she ever displays in her blue-eye state is kind and self-sacrificial. The included faces are very in keeping with her character.

Thanks for the kickass review and all the pictures! Figured I'd just let you know.