Friday, February 21, 2014

Random (91)

No more reviews...

... for the next one week. ^^;

I'll be off for a one-week break in Singapore, starting today, and I'm not bringing any of my collectibles over there to review, so the more "usual" blog content of reviews will stop during that period of time. I'll still be updating the blog in Singapore though, perhaps with what I see and experience there. ^^

While I'm away, Nendoroid Miyuki will be taking care of business back at home. XD

Unlike the last time (2010), the bodyguard assigned to Miyuki this time is going to be more professional and dependable. ^^

It's the "mini-mini-minion" of Miyuki: Nendoroid Petit Miyuki x Crimson Viper from the Lucky Star x Street Fighter set. ^^

There should be no problem at all. ^^

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