Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Figma KOS-MOS Part 6 [Final]

Little handgun's counterattack

Last round of action poses from Figma KOS-MOS to start off this last posting of the review series. ^^

Since the little handgun included for KOS-MOS was largely neglected in the previous posting, it's making a comeback this time. ^^

The two smallest weapons included for KOS-MOS: the handgun and arm blade turn out to be my favorite weapons during the process of adjusting action poses on the figure, simply because the work is so much less troublesome as compared to getting the gatling guns or Dragon Tooth onto KOS-MOS. ^^; They are relatively lightweight as well, which allows the figure to hold them without too much pressure to the joints. I always feel that the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints are taking a hit especially when the gatling guns are equipped to the figure. ^^; It's perhaps the cost the figure must pay to look cool with a massive weapon. XD

Comparison with Figma Meiya Mitsurugi:

Meiya appears to be just slightly taller with her upward-pointing ponytail, but as compared to many Figmas reviewed in the past, KOS-MOS is the only one to have come this close in challenging Meiya as the tallest Figma figure in my collection. ^^ On the other hand, the two of them do seem to share more features in common than just height: both are "combat-type" cuties, with pretty impressive bust size that is emphasized by the nicely sculpted waves on their costumes in that particular area. ^o^

Both of them also have rather poor ankle joints. ^^;

I really like this Figma figure. ^^ Initially, the huge array of weapons included for her is the main attraction for me, especially the pair of gatling guns. After bringing KOS-MOS out from her box, the figure herself turns out to be really cool. As mentioned in Part 2, the overall sculpt work and painting done on the figure is amazingly beautiful. The elaborateness of the details is especially obvious when compared to the two Figmas reviewed before KOS-MOS: R. Dorothy Wayneright, and Hatsune Miku Append Ver.. I always believe that one has to really like Dorothy from the anime series she originates from in order to like her Figma figure, since the figure herself is bland in details, but much like Hatsune Miku Append Ver., KOS-MOS is a Figma one would be interested in even without knowing her backstory (with me included in that category ^^;) due to her beautiful design and details, and of course playability through the tons of option parts included. That's an area KOS-MOS excels more when compared to Hatsune Miku Append Ver. I believe. ^^

Besides this Figma figure, those who are more into model kit building have the option of getting the plamo version of KOS-MOS, either the normal type, or the glossy bling-bling extra coating version, both from Kotobukiya. I got the normal type sitting on my shelves since September last year, but I have no plan of assembling her anytime soon, since there are many other kits I'm queuing up on my to-do list. ^^; Suffice to say, this review won't mark the last appearance of this character on my blog. ^^

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