Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Figma KOS-MOS Part 1

Who doesn't like cute girl with huge Gatling?

Moving on to something that doesn't require any paint work or assembly after the first part of the review on Lego Creator No. 31010 Tree House. ^^

Released by Max Factory in April 2011, this is Figma KOS-MOS, which is based off the character of the same name from the Xenosaga video game series. While not stated on the box, this is actually "Version 4" of the character. I never played the game, so I don't really understand the character's background, as well as the many "versions" she can become. Given the bigger, and heavier weapons she's able to wield, as well as having more elaborate design features to her costume as her "version" goes up, I always assume they come as a result of her levelling up as the game progresses. ^^ I'm referring to other RPGs I played in the past for that assumption. The character Warrior in the first "Diablo" gets a complete makeover for his onscreen appearance when he's able to wear plate armors. When that happens, not only does his armor appears larger, the weapon and shield he carries becomes bigger too as well. A dagger might appears like a short sword in his light armor-equipped look, but the same weapon would turn into a broadsword in heavy armor look. XD Since they are all game characters, I feel like throwing out that random reference as I just thought of some of my fond memories playing "Diablo" just seconds ago. ^^

Anyway, KOS-MOS can be considered one of those "heavyweight" Figma releases that come every once in a while. ^^ True to her character setting, plenty of weapons and option parts are included for the figure, many which are considerably large in size, especially when compared to other more "regular" releases. This is certainly true when compared to the previous two reviewed Figmas on this blog: Hatsune Miku Append Ver., and R. Dorothy Wayneright. While Hatsune Miku Append Ver. has the same box size as KOS-MOS, the latter's content far outweights (to some extent, literally ^^) that of Miku, especially with the two heavy Gatlings, and Dragon Tooth energy sword included. The figure herself is more or less identical to other regular Figma releases when it comes to size, and articulation design, but given the large number of option parts, KOS-MOS is quite "heavyweight" in playability as well. ^^

In my opinion, other large Figma sets comparable to KOS-MOS in terms of content, and even rarity in releases include Signum Knight Ver. (released in July 2009), Drossel (Charming) (released in May 2012), Aigis: The ULTIMATE Ver. (released in February 2013), and a couple others that I'm having trouble recalling right now. ^^; On the other hand, other releases like Mari Illustrious Makinami, BRS2035, and Subaru Nakajima Barrier Jacket Ver. have large-sized option parts included for them, but their number for their respective sets is fewer than that of KOS-MOS, and some of the other previously mentioned releases, which is why I chose to exclude them for the first list.

Besides the extensive array of option parts, the design of the figure herself is really good in depicting the sexy side of KOS-MOS, ^^ and that's going to be a focal point in this review I suppose. ^o^ All in all, cute girl, sexy outfit, double Gatling, huge sword, this Figma set has all the winning formulas for great fun, so I doubt that I'm going to be disappointed in any way. XD

Except for the Dragon Tooth energy sword, option hand units for the figure, and Figma stand, all of KOS-MOS's accessories can be seen through the front window.

Typical Figma design on all sides of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Box open.

Text-based instruction on how to swap out the figure's face and hair parts printed on one of box's ears.

Front view of the package content.

Somewhat like Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition, some of KOS-MOS's option parts, specifically parts for Dragon Tooth are placed on a second plastic tray, stored on the back of the top tray.

The second tray even has a divot near one of its edges to secure its placement behind the main tray, which I find to be quite interesting. ^^

Front view of the first tray, without the backdrop.

First tray content without the top cover.

Closer look at the content.

Rear view of the first tray.

Closer look at the details.

Second tray content without the top cover.

Closer look at the content.

Rear view of the second tray.

Closer look at the details.

A clear plastic holder that separates KOS-MOS's hair from her back is meant to keep the figure's neck joint in an upright position, and to prevent the different parts' colors from sticking to one another perhaps.

Straight out of box display of KOS-MOS. ^^

A pretty simple-looking backdrop, with color scheme that matches the character very well.

The cover skin cutout section intended for di:stage display base.

The instruction sheet included shows the weapons' and option parts' configuration.

Despite being just 1/3 of the overall content, the beauty of the figure can be seen rather easily even without the removal of all the protective plastic wrappers at the moment. ^^

More images of KOS-MOS coming up in the next posting. ^^

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