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MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 21

Red paint and red base

Continuing the work on Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka's rocket bazooka after the previous posting. ^^

Excessive panel liner paint on the bazooka parts is wiped away using cotton swab soaked with enamel thinner.

Tiny pipe details on the targeting scope's mount rack parts are painted gold, and silver using normal pens.
There's always room for some gold and silver details. XD

The border between the barrel and muzzle is painted black using normal black marker to highlight the gap.

(Left) The blank hollow scopes inside the targeting scopes don't look good at all. ^^
(Right) An extra clear green part for the scope is found on H-Eyes 1 (Green) from Wave. ^^

The selected part is removed from its runner.

The interior of the scopes are painted silver using Pilot Super Color Silver Extra Fine, before the clear green parts are inserted onto the spots.
The whole work feels like a repetition of equipping an extra clear green scope parts to Sinanju's beam rifle (Part 14). ^^

Since the bazooka's butt can be extended to reveal the magazine cartridge, all gray for the magazine rounds is not going to be very impressive to look at. ^^;

The parts, the rockets to be specific, are painted using Gaia Color No. 003 Bright Red Gloss.

The parts are painted carefully to make sure all the corner spots are covered. ^^

To give them a different look as compared to the top and bottom connector pieces, the linkage pieces between the rocket rounds are painted using Gaia Metallic Color No. 020 Gun Metal.

Molded details on the rocket parts, mainly the rear thrusters are panel lined.
There are actually line details that circle each of the rockets' warhead, but due to the added thickness from the previous paint work, the molded lines have become too vague to be panel lined properly, so I gave up on that. ^^;

Test fitting the painted parts to see how rockets would turn out when assembled. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, the bazooka is not the only add-on set I have for the main model of Sinanju. ^^ Since there was one released for the boss, a customized Action Base 1 is important to complete the entire model. ^^

Released about a month after the its intended user (Sinanju Ver. Ka), this customized Action Base 1 is nothing more than a combination of black stand, and a base that is molded in the same shade of dark red as Sinanju, with a large sheet of clear sticker featuring markings related to Sinanju, Anaheim Electronics, and the Sleeves. The concept is very similar to the Char Aznable type, with the exception of the different color between the base and the stand obviously. On top of that, since Ver. Ka was the only model kit of Sinanju released when this Action Base 1 came out, its sense of exclusiveness is much more prevalent than the Char type, which can be used for various Master Grades, High Grades, and even action figures of MSs piloted by the Red Comet. ^^ On the other hand, together with the Unicorn Gundam version, this Sinanju type is the second Action Base 1 set that feature different colors for its stand and base (after the Celestial Beings type). As of now, the two of them are also the last variations based off the first octagonal base of Action Base 1 as well.

I got mine more than a year after getting the main model itself, if I remember correctly. ^^; I wasn't quite sure if I wanted it as the set's feature of having different colors for its stand and base isn't exactly exciting - I still feel so now. Also, I didn't apply any of its markings for the Char Aznable type when I assembled that Action Base 1, and I feel I'll be repeating that treatment (or lack thereof to be acccurate ^^) for this Sinanju type as well, so the special clear sticker sheet is also not quite "useful" in my opinion. After a while though, against my own lack of interest for it, I picked this display stand set up, simply because it's a customized stand for a model kit that I absolutely adore. ^^ Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka is such an awesome kit that it shouldn't have to share its display stand with other model kits. XD

Having a customized display stand for Sinanju eventually works out I guess, since the HGUC, and Robot Damashii versions can also use it. They are somewhat small for the base, but it's definitely going to be useful for the OVA version of Master Grade Sinanju, which I'll pick up sonner or later. ^^

As mentioned above, since the parts are exactly the same as those from the first Action Base 1, albeit having different colors for the stand, and base, I'm not going to have its introduction separated into a different posting like what I did with the Celestial Beings type, and since its original design is for Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka, I guess it would be good to slot it in with the (extended) work on the kit itself. ^^

(Left) Preview of the special clear sticker sheet on the cover sheet.
(Right) The ability to link more than one bases is also shown.

From the images, the entire base's size seems to fit Sinanju perfectly. ^^

Rear view of the package.


A clearer view of the cover sheet.

Base and display stand parts.

The base part.
The darker shade of red given to the base as its molded color is still not as dark as the main color of the Master Grade kit it seems. ^^

Runners, screws, and bolts for the display stand, and the kit's special clear sticker sheet.

The clear sticker sheet contains markings more than enough for the entire set. ^^
Unfortunately, due to their large sizes, almost all of them are not suitable to be applied to model kits of Sinanju in 1/100 scale (Master Grade), or smaller.

(Left) Large Neo Zeon emblems.
(Right) Mecha specs of Sinanju.

(Left) Somewhat odd, almost purposeless numerical values. ^^;
(Right) "Leurura" is referring to the Rewloola class battlecruiser that Full Frontal (and Sinanju) is on in "Gundam Unicorn" I believe.

(Left) A white emblem of "Gundam Unicorn" that is meant for the name plate part of the base.
(Right) "MSN-06S Sinanju" in different font faces, colors, and sizes. ^^

All the display stand parts removed from their runners are placed in paper containers for storage purpose.

With more paper boxes added during the work on the kit to hold some of the heavily painted and detailed parts separately from the rest, plus even more added for parts of the rocket bazooka and Action Base 1, the large box of the kit certainly did a good job in providing the space needed to contain everything. ^^

With the work on the add-on components done, all that's left for this MG kit is its final assembly. ^^ Given it's one of my favorite model kits, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing its final completion. ^^

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