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Garo Kiwami Damashii Kiba Part 2

Semi-clear cape, red flame

After the introduction, this posting will focus on Garo Kiwami Damashii Kiba's accessories, option parts, and articulation design. ^^

Garo Kiwami Damashii Kiba and its accessories, and option parts.

A large, solid plastic piece as Kiba's cape.

The golden ornaments on top are very nicely sculpted, and painted. ^^

Pretty realistic fabric texture on the cape, especially on the torn edges. ^^

Said texture can be seen more clearly on the inner side of the cape. ^^

Just like the same component on Garo, Kiba's cape is also molded in semi-clear black, which gives it a creepy, but beautiful see-through quality. ^^
However, in terms of creepiness, I think it's still no match to Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior, and Alien Queen though. ^^

A pair of pegs on top the cape allows it to be attached to Kiba's back.

A more complete look for Kiba with the cape on.

The bottommost edge of the cape is mighty helpful in providing the figure with some support, since it has becomes back-heavy with the cape attached. ^^

Two parts for the halberd, Ankokuzan (暗黒斬).

Simple peg connection to complete the weapon.

The completed Ankokuzan.

Amazing details on every part of the halberd. ^^

Probably due to its packaging, the halberd's blade isn't completely straight. ^^; I suppose it can be straightened when it's heated up using a hair blower, but the bent look isn't too serious for me to consider going though all that trouble. ^^

The length of Ankokuzan: close to 15cm.

The sword, Kokuenken (黒炎剣).

Like Ankokuzan, the details on Kokuenken are absolutely lovely. ^^
The sculpting and detailing of Kiba's emblem on the crossguard, and the red flame down the fuller are especially amazing. ^^

Two pairs of hand units included for the figure: a pair of spread palms, and a pair of open fists to hold the weapons.

Closeups on the nails, which seem rather messily painted ^^; and the blunt spikes on the back of the hand units.

The ax part of Ankokuzan needs to be separated from its pole for either open fist to be equipped to the weapon.
The fitting between the hand unit and the pole is very tight. ^^;

As a matter of fact, the connection is so tight that a minor bit of the ring edge on the bottom pole segment was chipped off, as I slid the hand unit pass it, and that was the first attempt. ^^;

The handle of Kokuenken needs to be detached from the crossguard for either open fist to be equipped to the weapon.
The connection is much easier as compared to Ankokuzan's attachment. ^^

Any of the option hand units can be swapped onto the figure's wrist easily.

The default pair of closed fists.

Even before focusing on the figure of Kiba itself, the amazing details on the two weapons are looking extremely impressive. ^^ Another weapon of Kiba, called Enma Zankoken (閻魔斬光剣), which is Kokuenken with a streak of purple flame as its blade is missing from the list, but since it's more of a special "gimmick" for the existing sword but branded with a unique name, I don't consider its absence a terrible flaw of this package. Enma Zankoken is included with the Makai Kadou version though, which I also have. ^^

A look at this Garo Kiwami Damashii action figure's articulation design next:

Tilting the head upward is very simple. Bending the head downward (right image) can be done as well, but the movement is very minor and hard to see.

Limited horizontal tilt for the head ...

... caused by the collision between the back of the helmet and the collars.

Simple ball-type joint connecting the head to its neck.

Interestingly, the curved spikes on the chest can be rotated around very flexibly.

Either spike is connected to each side of the chest via a ball-type joint, which explains its flexibility. ^^

Side-to-side and backward bends are possible with the upper body.

The body is separated at waist level for the different components to be seen more clearly.
It's interesting to see the simplicity of the entire waist's assembly. ^^ It's basically just a one-piece part, a very nicely sculpted and painted one, plugged on top a rather typical ball-type joint bar. ^^

The small gap between the parts makes it difficult to see the exact nature of the shoulder joint design, but looking at the hinge, and trying out some of the joint's movements, it should be the rather typical ball-hinge combination type.

Pretty wide expansion range for the shoulder, considering how much its shoulder armor looks like it's going to obstruct that movement. ^^

The main reason for the better-than-expected shoulder bend: the shoulder armor is attached to the upper arm, not to the top of the body. Instead of obstructing its bending range, the shoulder armor would appear to be "complimenting" it instead. ^^

With its joint located on the upper arm, the shoulder armor can be rotated out of the way before it collides with any of the shoulder's movements. ^^

Unfortunately for the shoulder armor, the horn on top the shoulder (left), and the edge of the wing (right) are obstacles it will need to get around in its movements. ^^;

The shoulder joint allows either arm to move to the front, and to the back.

Having a bicep swivel is a very nice bonus to the arm's articulation. ^^

Very limited elbow bend. ^^;

Rather stiff hand movements as enabled by the wrists'ball-type joints.

Standard sideway expansion range for the hip joints.

The collision between the waist horn and the edge of the thigh armor prevents a wider range of movements for the legs. ^^;

Pretty standard forward-backward bending range for the hip joints as well I would say.

The collision between the same parts as noted earlier on stops the leg from a wider forward bend. ^^

A nice bonus for the hips' articulation: separated thigh swivel is implemented. ^^

A full 180-degree knee bend. ^^

Standard vertical and horizontal bending range for the ankle, via a ball-type joint I think. ^^

Restricted by the collision between the waist and hip parts, one of the legs has to be forced into a rather awkward-looking forward bend in order for Kiba to perform a kneeling pose. ^^;

More images of Garo Kiwami Damashii Kiba coming up in the next posting. ^^

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