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ZCGirl 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver. Part 3

A long, incomplete list

Normally, this would be the second posting in an action figure review series on my blog, but to take care of her hair, the introduction on the weapons, accessories, and option parts of ZCGirl's 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver. get pushed to now. ^^

Muriel, and all of her weapons, accessories, and option parts.

Desert Eagle (long barrel type)

Closeups on the weapon's details.

Muriel can hold the weapon with her trigger-type right hand very easily.

A very unique swing holster for Desert Eagle (long barrel type).

A double hinge joint connects the clip to the holster.

By default, the holster is designed to be mounted on the left side of Muriel waist, but looking at the connector pin on the other side of the holster, it seems that the double hinge can be swapped onto that joint to allow the holster to be assigned to Muriel's right side. I did try to detach the joint, but it felt quite tough, and not worth the risk of breaking the parts to try out its side-swapping possibility. ^^;

A slide-on clip inside the holster matches the "track" on Desert Eagle's frame to secure the weapon.

The length of the holster matches that of Desert Eagle (long barrel type) perfectly. ^^

The connection between the pistol and its holster is very secured. ^^

The holster's clip can be slid onto Muriel's belt.

Muriel with her Desert Eagle (long barrel type). ^^

A rather large targeting scope for the pistol.

The lens of the targeting scope.
The paint treatment seems identical to that on CheyTac M200 Intervention's optics shown in the previous posting.

The clip-on tabs beneath the targeting scope match the "track" on top the pistol's barrel for the option part to be mounted.

Desert Eagle (long barrel type) with a mounted targeting scope.

As the scope's connecting tabs don't occupy the entire "track" on the pistol, the scope's position can be adjusted forward, even pass the muzzle. ^^

A targeting scope-equipped Desert Eagle (long barrel type) can still be mounted on top the holster, very securely. ^^

A second Desert Eagle came already stored inside a nylon holster that is meant to be used together with the figure's sand plate carrier

The pistol is secured inside the holster via a nylon band wrapped between the hammer and the grip safety.
A pair of tweezers are used to unhinge the band from the pistol.

Desert Eagle

Muriel can hold the weapon with her trigger-type right hand very easily.

Length comparison between the two weapons: the long barrel type is about 1.5cm longer than its short counterpart.

Since both of them are Desert Eagles, it's no surprise to see the visual and design similarities on the two pistols. ^^

Different frames can be seen on the two pistols.
The lack of the "track" on the short type disallows it from using its long barrel counterpart's holster.

The "track" for the targeting scope can still be found on Desert Eagle, but the scope appears to be overly large for the pistol. ^^;

The emptied chest holster for Desert Eagle.

(Left) Tiny plastic clip buckles on the two magazine pouches' flaps in front of the holster.
(Right) Three metal pin-tipped nylon band behind the holster.

While they are tiny, the clip buckles do work, realistically so too. ^^

The two magazine pouches are empty.
There's no spare magazines included for either Desert Eagles.

Pro 1500 Laser Rangefinder

Closeups on the rangefinder's details.

(Left) "Vpresys" seems to be the name of the rangefinder's fictitious production company.
(Right) The two fixed buttons are labelled "Action", and "Mode" respectively.

Amazingly, the overall design of the rangefinder closely resembles that of an actual one, this one in particular, except it's not produced by "Vpresys", but by Apresys International, Inc. instead. ^^
Image is from Midwest Group (Beijing).

Muriel can hold the rangefinder with her left open fist.

The figure's elbow joint is flexible enough to allow Muriel to be posed looking through the rangefinder.

Handheld anemometer.

A closer look at the details of the screen, and rows of yellow text near the bottom edge.

Using the rows of text as hints, I managed to find out the actual device that the option part is designed after - AR816 Intell Instruments Plus Electronic Anemometer manufactured by Smart Sensor.
For some reason, based on the exact screen values, this might be the very image used to produce the option part. ^^

The numbers actually seem alright when the instrument is being viewed in an upside down position. ^^

The anemometer can be placed in Muriel's left hand, but it's too small for any grip to be applied to it. ^^;

You can get Muriel to hold it in an upside down position to pretend that it's a radio. XD

Three box magazines for CheyTac M200 Intervention.

The top most rounds on all three magazines are painted in gold.

A magazine is attached to its designated slot on Muriel's sniper rifle.
The connection is very tight, so I didn't push the magazine all the way into the slot to avoid the difficulty of pulling it out in the future.

A loaded CheyTac M200 Intervention.

A pair of rifle magazines are included, which don't seem to be for any of Muriel's included weapons. ^^;

The unique ring-type floor plate seems to indicate that these magazines are based off the designs from Magpul Industries Corporation.

Magpul's magazine, and "Ranger"-type floorplate.
Images are from Magpul, and Primary Arms Dotcom.

Like the those on the three box magazines for CheyTac M200 Intervention, the top most rounds on the rifle magazines are painted.

A suppressor

Muzzle, and connector tip of the suppressor.

The suppressor can be swapped with the standard barrel on CheyTac M200 Intervention, as previewed in the previous posting.

A tiny protruding flat point inside the rifle barrel guides the suppressor's insertion into it. This is applicable to the original barrel as well.

CheyTac M200 Intervention with the suppressor attached to its barrel.

I still prefer the original barrel because of the additional details on its muzzle brake. ^^

The suppressor doesn't work on any of the other weapon parts.

A MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system sling bag.

The material used, design, texture, and even function of the sling bag is amazingly realistic. ^^
If you look at the pictures without context, it's not going to be easy to identify that they are actually in 1/6 scale. ^^

The strap is adjustable for the sling bag to be positioned at waist level on the figure.

The zip of the bag can be opened.

By default, Muriel's pair of gray arm sleeves are stored inside the sling bag.

The pair of gray arm sleeves.

The arm sleeves have a nice silky look to them. ^^
They are quite elastic as well, which makes sense as they need to look tight on the arms of Muriel when fitted. ^^

The fabric interior of the emptied sling bag.

Two spare box magazines for CheyTac M200 Intervention, the rangefinder, Desert Eagle's targeting scope, and the "rifle-less" rifle magazines (XD) can be fitted into the sling bag, with plenty more room to accommodate additional items. ^^

Also, as you can see, the interior of the bag is not completely blank. There are designated segments to help organize the stored parts. The spare rifle magazines even get their own individual pouches on the bottom side. ^^

A not-so-fully-loaded sling bag. ^^
The stored items provide the bag enough weight to sit on a flat surface. ^^

A MOLLE system plate carrier.

Much like the sling bag, the plate carrier is designed with the same realistic look, and with sets of functional metal belt buckles, and clip buckles. ^^

A very long posting this is, and it's still not enough to fully introduce many of the parts' gimmicks, which is just amazing. ^^

On the other hand, the list is really incomplete at this point, as the MOLLE system belt, PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) jacket, and pants, as well as how some of the components mentioned in this posting actually work on Muriel have not been covered. More details about them coming up in the next posting. ^^

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