Saturday, December 6, 2014

Random (109)

The best version?

Finally, the Bayonetta figurine which was announced since July 2010 has been set for actual release. ^^

Interestingly, even though the sculpt design still came from Studio Reflect's Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (吉沢光正), the production company has changed from Yamato to Flare, a company I only knew existed after discovering this Bayonetta figurine's release. XD Then again, with the demise of Yamato, I automatically assumed that Arcadia as the "spiritual" successor of that company was supposed to see through the production and release of this figurine. For that matter, I suppose it could be my own negligence for not realizing about the figurine's release until today. ^^;

Nonetheless, the face sculpt of this Flare version seems much better, and is definitely more game-accurate than the Phat!'s release which came out in March last year.

Then again, at 28,000 Yen (exclusive of tax), this 340mm-tall upcoming release from Flare is more than twice the price of the Phat!'s version (13,143 Yen exclusive of tax). ^^;

Decision decision ... ^^;

Images are from Amiami.

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