Monday, December 22, 2014

ZCGirl 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver. Part 6

Full arms, full armor

More images of a fully equipped ZCGirl's 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver. after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using a wire stand meant for Gunplas.

Closeups on the details:




[Bag and holster]



The figure is already very good-looking in her "plain form", and in her T-shirt when the jacket was removed, but this fully-equipped form really gives the figure a whole new level of depth in terms of overall look, and details. ^^ The plate carrier helps to reduce the plain look of the jacket, while the arm sleeves reveal a sense of slimness to Muriel beneath all her heavy gears. On top of those two visual elements, the two pistols with holsters, and the sling bag are also important accessories that add a lot of details to the overall presentation of the figure. ^^ I really like this figure. ^^ As mentioned in Part 1, the beautiful look of Muriel is the primary reason I got this 1/6 scale action figure set, and liking the nature of the product being a military figure set with tons of weapons, and option parts being the secondary reason. The beauty of the figure is evident to me after her hair was sorted out in Part 2, but I also enjoyed exploring the gimmicks of her various weapons, and option parts, and the process of putting all the equipments onto the figure as shown in the previous posting was a lot of fun as well. So, overall, this is a thoroughly great figure in my opinion. ^^

Will keep Muriel in this nice display pose for a short while before returning to her action poses. ^^

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