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ZCGirl 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver. Part 4

The semi-Meryl Silverburgh look

A continuation on the introduction of ZCGirl's 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver.'s option parts, and accessories after the previous posting. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Even though all of the weapons, option parts, and accessories that came as separate items in the package were already covered in Part 2 (for CheyTac M200 Intervention), and the previous posting, the PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) jacket, and Molle system belt can be detached from the figure as well, making them technicaly Muriel's option parts as well. ^^

As a matter of fact, as with all 1/6 military figures, and most other human figures of this scale, all of Muriel's clothes can be removed, ^o^ but I won't go that far since there's no need to do so. ^^

The Molle system belt.

The belt can be removed by detaching the clip buckle.

The same realistic fabric texture on the plate carrier, sling bag, and Desert Eagle holster shown in the previous posting can be seen again on the entire belt.

For the PCU jacket, the tiny zip on either side of Muriel's chest are functional.

There's more than enough space inside the chest pocket to store the weather meter. ^^
I'm showing the instrument placed at the edge of the pocket on purpose, just so that I don't have to struggle to get it out from the pocket later. ^^

A pocket is available on the upper arm area of either sleeve.
The Velcro patch is not strong enough to secure the pocket flap, but the entire part's rigid edges are still enough to keep the pocket closed at all time.

The weather meter can be stored inside the upper arm pocket as well, but for the ease of the part's retrieval, much like when I tried the instrument with the chest pocket just now, I didn't slide the weather meter all the way into the upper arm pocket. ^^

The Velcro patch at the end of either sleeve on the jacket allows the sleeve to be tightened around Muriel's wrist, but just like that on the upper arm pocket, the Velcro patch has lost its strength after all these years of storage. ^^;

The jacket's front zip can be pulled down completely.

In order for the jacket to be removed, Muriel must lose her hands first. XD

Something I learned from attaching the shoulder holsters onto
Hot Toys' Jill Valentine BSAA Ver.: rotating both of Muriel's arms to her back allows the jacket to come off much easily. ^^

The detached PCU jacket.

The toughness of the fabric used to produce the jacket is evidenced by its ability to remain in a "standing" form on its own. ^^

The collapsed hoodie can be raised.

Like the jacket itself, the tough fabric enables the hoodie to maintain its raised look without any support. ^^

Closeups on the interior details of the jacket.

More images of Muriel in her slim fit T-shirt: ^^

Supported using a wire stand meant for Gunplas.

Closeups on the details:

[Upper body]





Without the jacket, Muriel moves one step closer to becoming Meryl Silverburgh (see Part 1). ^^ The only things left to do are to equip the figure with some of her armors, and weapons, but that's really not something important to do for me. ^^

The jacket really gives Muriel a combat-ready, armored look that can even be described as bulky. ^^ With the jacket detached, the very beautiful bodyline of Muriel can be appreciated clearly. ^^ The slim fit T-shirt designed for her is very helpful in revealing her slim, but quite busty figure. ^^ According to her part list on ZCGirl's official site, Muriel's body is based on the company's "EVE" (pale) type, which was released as a standalone figure for modification sometime in the third quarter of 2008.

Speaking of the T-shirt, its design, with the black collar, and large black stripe on either shoulder, closely resembles that worn by Meryl Silverburgh beneath her plate carrier as well. ^^

Meryl Silverburgh and her T-shirt design.
Image is from Metal Gear Wiki.

The jacket-less display of Muriel also reveals her hair, and pants better, although those two factors are obviously not as significant as the reveal of her bodyline. XD

Gimmicks, and features of the other parts of Muriel's military gear:

The front zip on the T-shirt is functional.

Either hand needs to be removed for the arm sleeves introduced in the previous posting to be slid onto each forearm.

Like a pair of elbow length gloves, the arm sleeves can reach up to Muriel's upper arm when fully stretched. ^^ You can see how tightly the sleeves fit onto the forearms as well. ^^

A Velcro patch to secure the pants seems like a figure-only, unrealistic design. ^^;

The pocket on either side of the pants can be used, obviously not for storing something as large as the pistol. XD

The pants also feature a pair of side pockets with similar design as the sleeve pockets shown earlier on.

The side pocket cannot be used to store Desert Eagle as well. XD

The pair of knee pads, which were fixed in Part 2.

The straps are tied behind the knees via Velcro patches that need to be rubbed on from time to time to force them to stay in place. ^^;
Since I have no desire to remove the knee pads, I'm considering to sew the Velcro edges onto the straps, permanently. ^^;

The Velcro patches on both cuffs allow the pants to be tightened around Muriel's ankles.
A zip on the outer side can be opened up to about knee level.

A look at Muriel's articulation design, before moving on to gearing her up with all of her weapons and armors in the next posting. ^^

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