Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Something I should be upset about but I didn't

In hindsight, this could very well be the worst thing to happen to me this year. ^^;

Not too long ago, the portable hard disk I use to keep all the photos of my collectibles suddenly decided to pull a bad sector error on me, rendering tons of materials I gathered over a long period of time unreadable. ^^;

Losing computer data is a rather typical problem no doubt – this is definitely not the first time for me, but the extent of the damage in this particular case is monumental. Hundreds of folders containing tens of thousands of pictures are "lost" – many are still somewhere in the hard disk, yet they have become inaccessible. Many of the affected photos were featured in previous reviews on this blog, but there are many more yet to be shown, most likely never will be. Worse, many of them were taken when I first received the items, which to me, were extremely valuable. For most of my collectibles, I don't open up the boxes right away, and their reviews would only be done years later. For that matter, the photos were great in showing the items' initial "mint" look.

Losing the photos obviously won't diminish the existing quality of those collectibles, but a significant amount of memories associated with getting them in the first place seemed lost when the disk error happened.

Then again, interestingly (perhaps just to me), I didn't feel terribly bad about the loss when it happened. I was actually more upset with the realization that I was going to have extra work in retrieving the folders and files than the actual loss itself, which seemed odd now that I think about it. ^^; Was it the understanding of the impact the data loss won't have on the actual collectibles themselves as mentioned earlier on, or was it simply because I didn't care about those photos as much as I initially thought I do.

I didn't get the chance to go crazy like this. XD

As a matter of fact, when I was reviewing the data loss as the data recovery software was running, I was already thinking about conjuring up ways to write new reviews that won't require me to retake the photos I lost. Like I said, I was upset with additional work I need to do regarding the data loss and its aftermath instead of the loss itself. ^^;

Due to the data loss, there are going to be reviews in the future with significant fewer images than the more common ones as shown right now, which can be considered something new on this blog I guess. However, from a more holistic perspective, perhaps my reaction is also an indication of a shift in my attitude towards my hobby. Maybe documenting everything meticulously is no longer a part that I care about anymore. ^^

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Anonymous said...

If you happen to drop by Singapore, I've recovered countless crashed HDD from ITS before. Look for Mr. Tang. Normally I just walk in, fill a form, hand over the HDD and then he calls me back after a few days. I normally ask him to recover all the data. Cost is typically a few hundred SGD depending on severity of crash. But I always get all my data back.