Monday, August 1, 2011

1/100 Kyrios Part 2

The gray job, again

Starting the work on 1/100 Gundam Kyrios after the introduction on Saturday.

As usual, started on the parts with the most amount of painting needed first, and just like Gundam Dynames, the most "demanded" color on these parts is gray. ^^

[Shoulder armors] The entire middle section should be in gray.

Markings inside the parts to differentiate which arm they belong to.

Painted using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

Still long before the actual assembly, but it's easy to tell that the part separation for the shoulder armors is very well done to minimize visible seam lines between the parts.

A large section on the rear armors is painted as well.
The excessive paint will be scratched away later.

[Shoulder fins] A large section in the middle of the parts is painted using Gaia Color.
Paid great attention retraining myself from painting the little hexagonal elevated spaces that are sticking outward near the tail. ^^;

Bars in front of the armors, including two mighty tiny "extensions" after the protruding parts are painted as well.

[Forearm] Little areas near the elbow and the weapons' mount section need to be painted.

Painted using Gundam Marker Gray.

Something I learned after completing Gundam Dynames: the interior of the mount section is painted black using normal marker to show more depth.

Panel lined the parts.

[Hip joints] The middle sections are painted using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

Paint difference for the hip joints between the illustration on the box art and the painted completed model shown in the manual.

[Ankle guards] Painted the larger areas on the back using Gaia Color, while the two minor spots in front are painted using Gundam Marker.

[Rear skirt armor] Painted the interior using Gaia Color, while all the smaller spots in front are done using Gundam Marker.
The armor is panel lined after the paint has dried.

More parts painted in gray to be featured in the next posting. ^^

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