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MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 Part 8

Sharing the good stuff

After almost two months leaving it on the shelves, it's time to assemble the four Master Grade kits I worked on since May. ^^ Of course, this is obviously the fun part, so I won't go with all four in one shot (again). Good stuff must be made to last XD

The first one to be completed would be MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0.

Good old Gundam Mk. II (the first version) will be featured in this whole assembly series for comparison with the new design.

Starting with the display base:

Parts for the display base.

The exposing points of the two soft plastic parts on the launch pad are a bit too obvious.

Painted the spots gray using Gundam Marker to make them less visible.

The major components for the final assembly.

Done for the base.
A very big component this is, but not as huge as MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0's base, or even Strike Gundam's. ^^

When the launch pad is pushed forward, the rear portion will be lifted automatically, simulating the launching scene from the anime.

The platform stand can be lowered as well, and its length matches the width the base, so everything fits just nice. ^^

The display base is compatible for the first Gundam Mk. II. ^^

The launch pad accommodates the feet nicely.

The figure platform's height matches the cockpit's position accurately.

Another important feature of the display base is its connection with MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0's launch platform.

Dedicated slots on the edges allow both platforms to 'gattai' XD

Very seamless connection between the two. ^^

Size difference spotted between the launch pads - Zeta Gundam's (right) is somewhat narrower than Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0, so the latter would not be able to use the larger platform's launch pad it seems.

Standing pilot figure, two mechanic figures and the string to show them floating in mid air.

(Left) The string is cut evenly for both figures
(Right) The end of the string can be placed in any of the slots on the edges of the base.

Testing with Gundam Mk. II

A lot of great scenes can be produced with the figures at different positions, with even assembling the actual model at this stage XD

Done with the display base, the weapons are next.

Parts for the beam rifle.

Foil sticker used for the targeting sensor

The major components for the rifle.

Done for this weapon.
A lot of the details are straight from the Perfect Grade version.

The targeting sensor and supporting handle can be lowered.

Almost the same in terms of size as compared to the older version, with the biggest difference being the design of the magazine cartridge.

Parts for the Hyper Bazooka.

Foil sticker used for the targeting sensor.

Very simple assembly the weapon, since the main tube is a single-piece part.

Comparison with the first version.

Apart from the color separation, the handle's ability to move is another major improvement over the first version. ^^

Parts for the shield.

Just like the beam rifle, the shield's overall design follows that of the Perfect Grade version as well.

Foil stickers used for the yellow areas near the edges of the top portion.

Details behind the shield

Push the lower portion outward and slide it upward to show the shield in retracted mode.

Extra magazine cartridges are stored on the top area of the shield.

Comparison with the old one.

Definitely level-up in terms of the details. ^^

A completely different mechanism to show the shield in retracted mode.
The first version requires the lower portion to be detached before sliding the connector upward, which is not exactly an accurate representation of the shield's practical design. It's definitely good that Ver. 2.0 revamped such design.

Done for the weapons.
The Vulcan Pod will be done with the head, since I arrange the parts to be in the same paper box as the head previously. ^^;

Moving on to the inner frame of the model in the next posting. ^^

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