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S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva Part 2

12 Fuestles

A look at all the accessories of S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva after the introduction yesterday.

There's really a lot of stuff, big and small ones. ^^

All the larger sized items.

Showcasing Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's items first:

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's cape. This is the "inner" side ...

... while this is the exterior.
The light blue line details are more on the "inner" side since they are going to be seen more often when the figure is facing frontward.

"R" and "L" engraved near the base of the cape to differentiate between sides.

Very random but very nice line details all over the parts. ^^

The cape pieces are attached to the extension on Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's back. The extension part moves, and on round joints, the cape pieces can move as well.

Made of soft rubber, the cape is bendable.

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's violin, "Bloody Rose".

The design and details are exactly the same as the one included for S.I.C. Vol. 50 Kamen Rider Kiva. As a matter of fact, I believe it's the exact same one.

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's sword, "Zanvat Sword".

Very nicely painted details all the way from the pommel to the tip of the sword. I believe the entire blade was first molded as a clear part then painted with silver - you can really see through the transparent areas on the fuller (on both sides), which is absolutely brilliant. ^^

Made of soft rubber, you can't use the sword to kill anything at all XD

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's other sword, "Jacorder" Rod Mode, which is actually the main weapon for Kamen Rider Saga.

Rather simple-looking and a little bit out of place for Kamen Rider Dark Kiva to be using it, but the amount of details and accuracy of the paint work is very obvious to see nonetheless.
If Kamen Rider Saga ever gets its S.I.C. release, this weapon is definitely going to be inherited in that set I believe. ^^

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's companion, Kivat-Bat the 2nd.
Just like the set included for Kamen Rider Kiva, both the movable and fixed types are included.

A metallic red repainted version of the Kamen Rider Kiva's Kivat Bat. All the details are actually the same.

The mouth can be opened for a Fuestle to be inserted.

The same connector part is included to allow the movable type Kivat-bat to be used on the belt.

The fixed type Kivat-Bat the 2nd.

Five option hand units included for Kamen Rider Dark Kiva: normal spread palm x2, signature pose spread palm x2 and right hand for holding the sword x1.

Crazily delicate curve details on the palm. ^^

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's six Fuestles, which are the ones from Kamen Rider Kiva with the silver portion repainted in gold.
A few of them have different names though.

Fuestles for the belt compartment on the left hand side of the figure: (from left to right) Garulu-Seal, Basshaa-Seal and Dogga-Seal.

Fuestles for the belt compartment on the right hand side of the figure: (from left to right) Buroon, Doran and Dark Wake Up.

While the sculpt details are all the same, the delicately accurate details on these little fellas are just so awesome to look at. ^^

Much like the situation with Kamen Rider Kiva, the manual (in gray scale) showing the position of the six Fuestles on the belt isn't going to be very useful unless you know how to read Japanese, ^^; but thanks to the relationship between Kamen Rider Dark Kiva and Kiva, the Fuestles' placement is actually pretty simple. ^^

Fuestles on the left hand side of the figure.

Fuestles on the right hand side of the figure.

Moving on to Kamen Rider Ixa's items:

Kamen Rider Ixa's main weapon, "Ixa Calibur", with the gun part attached as well from the package.

Disassembled into three parts.

Ixa Calibur Gun Mode

Very accurately painted details on the entire weapon.

Ixa Calibur Calibur Mode

Unlike Zanvat Sword, Ixa Calibur has a rather thick blade that doesn't bend, and the tip is very sharp.
I think you can actually kill something with this sword, if the whole blade part doesn't come off during that attempt. ^^;

Comparing the length of the three swords. The king's sword easily beats the other two with an overall length of 16cm, followed by Jacorder and Ixa Calibur at 14cm each.

Kamen Rider Ixa's head in enclosed form called "Save Mode".

While the visor is non-transformable and is fixed to the entire helmet, bits of the red goggles can still be seen. Very nice. ^^
I think the main head part is the same, just the visor and part of the mask that is changed between the two head components.

Kamen Rider Ixa's head in expanded form called "Burst Mode".
No flame effect to be expected here really XD

Four option hand units for Kamen Rider Ixa: spread palm x2, right hand unit for holding the weapon x1 and right hand unit with Broken Fang.

As compared to Kamen Rider Kiva and Dark Kiva's hand units, Kamen Rider Ixa's paint work is even more delicate I think. Painting white on black is hard enough, the little golden dots on the knucklehead is accurately shown as well. ^^

Very awesome details on the Broken Fang. ^^

Kamen Rider Ixa's six Fuestles. Three are the same ones on Kamen Rider Kiva and Dark Kiva, while another three are unique to Kamen Rider Ixa.

Fuestles for the belt compartment on the left hand side of the figure: (from left to right) Basshaa Fake, Garulu Fake and Dogga Fake.

Just the same ones from Kamen Rider Kiva and Dark Kiva repainted in black.

Fuestles for the belt compartment on the right hand side of the figure: (from left to right) Powerd, Calibur and Knuckle.

These are the only three Fuestles that are not repeated between the two S.I.C. releases. ^^

Arrangement for the Fuestles on the left hand side of the figure is the same as Kamen Rider Kiva and Dark Kiva's.

Fuestles on the right hand side of the figure.

Even before bringing out the figures in this S.I.C. set, the level of details on the accessories alone is just unbelievably awesome. ^^

With all the Fuestles equipped, more images on Kamen Rider Ixa to be featured in the next posting. ^^

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