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S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva Part 3

The knight factor

All images of the fully equipped S.I.C. Kamen Rider Ixa in this posting.

Just the "Save Mode" for this round though, I'm saving the awesome "Burst Mode" for the action poses segment. ^^

Weathering effect behind the vents on the thigh armors is a very nice bonus to the overall great details and paint work. ^^

I really love this S.I.C. version of Kamen Rider Ixa. The original design as seen in the TV series is pretty good on its own, but it always gives me that somewhat awkward feeling that this design is a strange hybrid of a Medieval armor-clad warrior with some electronic gadgets and robotic features. Here's the S.H. Figuarts version for comparison:

Image is from this previous posting.

It's definitely not a bad design per se, but some of its design elements just don't seem to connect with me. At some point when its appearance became more prominent in the show, I just accepted it as "the other Kamen Rider" in the series. I couldn't really see the relevance of its design to the Gothic feel of the world in "Kamen Rider Kiva", but I do like it very much because, well, it's just so cool-looking.

This S.I.C. version however, almost completely revamps that image of Kamen Rider Ixa for me, without overdoing the overall design, and I really like that. The enclosed visor that stretches to the mask area is just one of many S.I.C. re-imagined design points on this figure, but it gives the figure a much menacing look, not just a "limiter" that forces Kamen Rider Ixa to see things just through a slit. That was really how I felt when the "Burst Mode" was first revealed. "So there are normal goggles beneath that visor, which don't look any bigger than the pair on other Kamen Riders, so how much could Kamen Rider Ixa possibly see with the visor enclosed?" ^^;

The extension to the mask give the entire visor the resemblance of a cross, which fits the pattern of the splits on its chest better as well.

The enlarged shoulder armors work like a charm as another redesigned feature in my opinion. The original design makes them look like "just another set" of normal shoulder armors, but the enlarged version that protects part of the chest and back on this S.I.C. connects the design with the large plated shoulder armors worn by Medieval knights back in the old days. Together with the cross on the face (the visor), this S.I.C. version reminds me of something like this:

Image is from Lets Play History.

The overall design now makes sense as part of the world in "Kamen Rider Kiva". ^^ The somewhat evil-looking curvy Gothic design of Kamen Rider Kiva versus the holy Kamen Rider Ixa who sets out to vanquish forces of evil, donning a set of white Medieval armors.

And did I mention arrogance and self-righteousness? Because there's plenty of those in Kamen Rider Ixa as well, just like the knights from the old days - at least when Keisuke Nago was the one using it I suppose ^^;

I have no opinion on how to make the original Kamen Rider Ixa's design more appealing to my taste - I just accept it for what it is, but I do feel that this S.I.C. version is the more appealing design for me.

As shown yesterday, the neck joint is a straight peg joint instead of the usual ball-type joint.

The large shiny chest piece is the most obvious die-cast part on Kamen Rider Ixa. The knee armors are made of die-cast as well, but they are no where near the chest piece in terms of size. ^^

The large shoulder armors can be removed as well, and as you can see here, they are connected to the back via long pegs.
Limited shoulder stretching well anticipated then. ^^;

Losing quite a bit of feel there for Kamen Rider Ixa with the pair of shoulder armors removed. ^^;

More images of Kamen Rider Dark Kiva in the next posting.

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