Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1/100 Kyrios Part 5

And it's a wrap, for now

Going through the parts of the last few components for 1/100 Gundam Kyrios this time.

Just panel lining the the shield parts.

The parts with the most line details, but the work is really nothing if compared to some other parts I did in the past. ^^

A few smaller "extensions" on the shield's black part are shown to be in gray on the manual.

Painted using Gundam Marker Gray, then panel lined.

The result.
The smaller parts now look like they are from the shield's own mecha component inside it, which is pretty cool. ^^

Normal black marker for the GN Drive on the chest to get that really glossy paint effect. ^^

Very simple panel lining for the body parts.

Painted gray for the walls of the vent inside the tail unit using Gundam Marker. I was thinking of making it consistent with the vents on the skirt armors did yesterday.

Panel lining for the other parts of the tail and nose units.

[Head] Very nice part separation makes the work extra easy as compared to Gundam Exia's and Gundam Dynames's head. ^^
Painted the GN Stripes areas light blue using Gundam Marker.

Added gray using Gundam Marker again for the top portion of the forehead.

Some differences between the head design on the box art and the completed model version on the manual.
Not to make it into an obvious looking forehead sensor like the ones to be found on most Gundam designs, I'll use the foil sticker included for the head then.

(Left) Painted the rear sensor black using normal marker since there's no sticker given to that spot
(Right) Painted the edges of the front sensor black to hide the areas that won't be covered by the sticker.

Done for the head - 3 colors on a single part. ^^;

Panel lining for the helmet parts, with black painted beneath the forehead to give that area more depth.

A little area under the rear sensor is painted black to make it integrate with the sensor from the separated top part.

Just like the treatment for Gundam Dynames's mask, a tiny straight line is done on Gundam Kyrios's mask to match that nice illustration show in the manual.

All done for Gundam Kyrios means another Gunpla waiting to be assembled. The mixture of completion of current stage and anticipation for the final stage of putting everything together is very nice indeed. ^^

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