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Gashapon MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 Part 1

Lunamaria Hawke A

Too much Kamen Rider and Gundam stuff this month demands some elements of moe for a change of mood. XD Maybe just a little bit for compensation, since it's already the last day of the month already. ^^;

The next review will be on an item from one of the gashapon sets I bought in Singapore July last year: MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7.

As you can see, there are six figures in total in this gashapon set, but instead of pushing all of them out as an entire review series like I did for Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V, Capsule Toy M.S.G. and Gashapon Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3, I'm planning six individual postings for each of the figures to be released in different times. Each figure has design details delicate enough to deserve some extra images as compared to the other gashapon or capsule toy items I think. It's also because I just love all the characters very much. ^^

I did an individual posting for Relena Peacecraft from Gundam Heroine History Special (with her own photo gallery too ^^), which is another series from this gashapon line, I might as well follow that precedence set by her. ^^

So, when the level of hot-bloodiness is too high on this blog, one of the girls would come out to cool down the atmosphere XD

Regarding this gashapon set, I've seen pictures of it prior to the trip to Singapore. Even though I like Lunamaria very much, there are other versions of her that are much more attractive in terms of details and design, the RAH DX figurine from Megahouse for example. For me, the most sought after figures are the two shown on the box cover: ^^

Captain Murrue Ramius and Captain Talia Gladys.

Both of them were offered as loose items - display items without their boxes in the hobby store I visited, and as part of the entire set of course. The price for the latter was quite reasonable, especially for a gashapon set that is already pretty old and hard to find, so I grabbed the whole set without much thought. ^^

This whole set turned out to be a great bargain, because not only did I get the two captains in brand new condition, the two figures of Lunamaria Hawke are designed with some inter-changeable gimmicks that are pretty fun as well. As a fan of her, I'm definitely very happy with the bonus features I got from this set. ^^

The boxes were flattened during the trip in Singapore actually, so that my luggage could accommodate more stuff I bought. ^^;

All six types, released in 2006.

All six types are shown on the sides and back of the boxes.

Just like Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V, no knife is needed to open up the boxes since all of them have easy-to-tear edges.

A questionnaire/order form (?) printed inside the box.

Instead of how the entire set looked like when I got it in Singapore (shown with Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V here) ...
Image is from this previous posting.

... this is how it actually looked like out of my luggage XD

That's about the entire set, moving on to introducing one of the figures in this posting: Lunamaria Hawke (Type A) ^^

This figure was featured on the blog not too long ago actually, as a cameo in the posting about modifying the pilot figure from MG Force Impulse Gundam. ^^ I haven't assemble that kit yet, so I can't show the two alongside each other, but I can always do so when I finish that MG kit one day anyway. ^^

A little bit of assembly required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

The various components for this figure.

The "normal" display pose.

The head can be turned to the sides to adjust Lunamaria's viewpoints for a little bit of change in angle of display.

The helmet.

Made of soft plastic, the palm can be adjusted to hold the helmet.

A more complete display for Lunamaria with her in a pilot suit I would say.

Using included extra parts, existing components can be reassembled to show the figure with a helmeted head.
On the left are the three parts of the figure's head, on the right are the two parts for the helmet plus one extra hair part.

(Left) A look at Lunamaria's face part. Those are very accurately printed pupils for a gashapon figure ^^
(Right) Comparison between the default hair part and the one for the helmeted head.

Assembling the parts to get the helmeted head.

Done. ^^

And this is how a helmeted Lunamaria looks like. ^^

The separated hair part.

There's another figure of Lunamaria in this gashapon set: Type B with the same posefor the lower body but with the pilot suit taken off till waist level and a different face expression. Given that this posting is dedicated to Type A, Type B won't be out soon, to prevent an overload of Lunamaria XD

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