Sunday, August 7, 2011

MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 Part 12

The great Gundam with earphones has arrived

Continuing with putting on the armor parts for MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 after this morning's posting.

Just the body and head before the entire model is complete. ^^

Armor parts for the body.

No foil sticker included for the two targeting sensors on top the chest, so I had to improvise using the leftover bits on the given sheet. Fortunately, the sensors are rectangular in shape so measuring and cutting out the sticker pieces is pretty simple.

Done for the body unit.

The connecting pins from the body's inner frame poking out as screw-like parts are just like the ones on the rear skirt armor assembled this morning. ^^

Components for the upper body.

Upper body is done.

Just the head remains now. ^^

Opening of the cockpit hatch.

(Left) Parts for the Vulcan Pod.
(Right) A large piece of sticker for the targeting sensor.

Done for the Vulcan pod.

Comparison with the one from the first release version (right).

While the size are pretty much the same, overall design and part separation of Ver. 2.0 are definitely better, and believe it or not, that red pod is a part that requires painting on the Perfect Grade version - not even foil sticker is included for it. ^^; So you could say this Ver. 2.0's design is indeed an improvement for that large scale version. ^^

Parts for the head.

Foil stickers used for the eyes and front and rear sensors.

Done for the head. ^^
The sensors' color has been changed from green to blue, as compared to the first version. The face design is a lot closer to Gundam RX-78-2 as well.

Very "traditional"-looking as it is, there's still that sense of fierceness in the head design. ^^

Done for the entire model, here's a bunch of images of it in full weapons. ^^

A quick comparison with the first release version (left).

The obvious differences being the smaller feet but larger torso and head for Ver. 2.0 - overall a more balanced proportion I would say. ^^ A much closer and detailed comparison between the two will be featured soon, with more images of the various components.

We'll see what this kit can do in the next posting. ^^

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