Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam Part 5

Big gun + small guns + even smaller axes

Done S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva, the review on HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam continues with another round of action poses, featuring some of his other weapons apart from the sniper rifle.

The double wrist joint is a great design that allows the hand to reach for the beam pistol mounted on the backpack with ease.

Between the pistol and ax mode, I definitely go with the earlier. The ax mode is just too puny to look credible XD

With Action Display Base 2.

It's hard to configure the Holo-Screen when the figure is in some sort of action pose. The adjusted shoulder armors are squeezing out all the room for the Holo-Screen to be attached to the connectors from the backpack.

The look of the Holo-Screen is pretty cool when you do get it on though. ^^

With the Shield Bits deployed.

Last part of the review on HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam in the next posting. ^^

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