Friday, August 19, 2011

HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam Part 2

Some things are more, some things are less

A look at HCM-Pro Cherudim Gundam's weapons and accessories after the introduction yesterday.

The main components straight out of the box.

Tail unit mounted with six GN Shield Bits, GN Sniper Rifle II, GN Beam Pistol II, Holo-Screen attachment part and a clear stand to display the GN Shield Bits.

Sniper rifle in expanded mode.
Part-swapping is needed to show the supporting handle in retracted or deployed state.

No part-swapping for transforming the rifle to the retracted mode though, a feature that is absent for the High Grade 1/144 scale plamo version. However, the supporting handle of the plamo kit doesn't require part-swapping to work.

Nine GN Shield Bits.

Unlike the ones from the HG 1/144 plamo version and even the 1/100 scale version, all the Bits have mecha details molded on the back of the parts.

Very plain design for all the connectors on the left shoulder armor, knees and tail unit though. I think I should just leave all the Bits on the Gundam as often as possible. ^^;

With fixed connectors molded on the clear display stand and no movable part at all, the stand doesn't seem to have the same level of flexibility as the one from the HG 1/144 plamo version ^^;

Arrangement of all nine Bits on the stand.

The "full" tree XD

Still, a lot of configuration can be done with the stand. It's just a matter of playing around with the number of Bit pieces and their arrangement on the stand.

A bunch of images of the fully equipped Cherudim Gundam:

The color scheme for the GN Pistols is different as compared to the other versions. When all others follow the original design of light blue for the pistol portion, this HCM-Pro version made it dark gray instead, following the color of the backpack, which makes more sense to me. What's the rationale of having a pair of light blue pew-pew actually? XD

The method to attach the Holo-Screen is the same as the HG 1/144 and 1/100 plamo versions. In 1/200 scale, the parts are all very small and pretty troublesome to work with ^^;

The small size of the figure seems to have prevented the little scope in the middle of the extension part from the backpack to have a separate clear part like the same components on the plamo kit version.

After the experience of configuring the tiny Holo-Screen, I'm really glad that the special sniper scope on the forehead comes as a separate part with the V-Fin included, making the part swapping task much easier ^^;

The red panel is made of clear part, and the scope in the middle has a glossy paint work that is pretty light-reflective. The attention to details on this figure is evidenced when even a small part like that has such accurate design. ^^

The proportion and overall design are pretty standard fair as compared to the other reincarnations of Cherudim Gundam, with some variations like extra or lesser gimmicks and details. I don't really have too many points to talk about them actually. ^^;

However, the articulation of this figure is really quite an eye-opener. ^^ While 00 Gundam from this completed figure series has pretty much the same kind of articulation design as its plamo kit equivalence, Cherudim Gundam refuses to follow that straight-forward route. A whole posting to talk about the special articulation design is well in place. ^^

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