Friday, August 26, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 15

The grand completion

Ahem (XD) Back to building Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam. ^^

Armor parts for the right leg.

The slot for the calf armor is movable. Its application allowed the calf armor to be opened and expanded on MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 1.5, but for Shin Musha Gundam, which obviously doesn't incorporate this gimmick, the slot is rendered static by the armor behind the leg.

All black armors with plenty of slots and quite a few empty spots.
This is the closest resemblance to Gundam RX-78-2's leg that you can get before Shin Musha Gundam's own armors come on. ^^

Very interesting gray part that connects the red armor to the lower half of the leg. Apart from filling in the slot, its shape correspond to the edges of the red armor part very accurately as well. ^^

Very nice "ribbon" part for the knee. ^^

(Left) Large pipe parts decorate both sides of the knee.
(Right) The large side armor's shape correspond to the elevation of the inner frame.

Shin Musha Gundam's emblem on the knee is the ceremonial ending point to the completion of the leg. ^^

Done for the right leg.

(Left) No problem for the leg to bend to the back, ...
(Right) ... but there's very little flexibility for it to bend to the front.

The large layered ankle guard is the perpetrator for the limited ankle articulation. ^^;
On the brighter side, the limitation sort of helps to prevent the kit from tilting to the front and falling down. XD

The knee's articulation range is not affected at all.

The thrusters on the sole and the knee's hydraulic pipes are the only two painted components that "survived" the armors' concealment it seems XD

Armor parts for the left leg.

Done for the left leg.
Just a repetition of the same parts and assembly from the right leg.

Testing out the knee with all the added armors.

Armor parts for the waist.
As mentioned in the previous posting, the number of parts that make up the armors is far more than the actual waist and joints. ^^

Separated parts for the front skirt armors versus the fixed one-pieces for the rear side.

The V sign on the waist and the two little vents are parts to show Shin Musha Gundam's connection with Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka.

The connectors from the white "handle" part are painted red using normal marker before the assembly to "hide" the white spots.

Same intention as the white "handle" part shown above, all the connectors behind the individual armor parts for the front skirt armors are painted black using normal marker to match the color between the connectors and the joints.

Four segments for each of the two front skirt armors.

Done for the front skirt armors.
All the pieces are packed together very accurately, so the gaps between them don't look any different than the panel lines between the segments on the fixed rear skirt armors.

Very limited upward bend for the front skirt armor, but it do better bending downward, even though I'm running out of idea as to why that would be necessary. ^^;

All the components for the waist.

Done for the waist.
The consistent layered design of the armor parts is very cool. ^^

details beneath

Lower body completed.
Only the body and head remain now. ^^

Collision between the front and side skirt armor doesn't look promising for the kneeling pose.

And indeed the lower body is suffering some limitation in kneeling because of the skirt armor. While the hip joint can slide frontward or backward, the gimmick doesn't help much in this situation because the thigh will still need to be bent upward for the leg to stand, and lifting the skirt armor to make room for the thigh will trigger the said collision.

Fitting the mount rack on the side skirt armor to hold Nichinrinmaru.

Armor parts for the body unit.

The vents on the chest that were painted gold turn out very nice as the color shine through the gaps between the red vent pieces. ^^

A look at how the body resembles that on Gundam RX-78-2 before more parts are attached to complete the body. ^^

All the upper body's components.

Without the large plate armors.

With the plate armors to complete the entire upper body.

Only the head remains now. ^^

Parts for the head

Foil stickers are used for the eyes and front and rear sensors - exactly like the design of Gundam RX-78-2 actually.

Parts for Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka's head. ^^

Among the many components on Shin Musha Gundam, the head is the one that bears the closest connection to Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka before the added armor parts. ^^

The slots to mount Sikoro - side armors of the kabuto allow you to see right through the entire head. XD Never thought of that before.

Five pieces of parts to complete the kabuto - three for Sikoro, two for Fukikaesi - the adornment on both side of helmet.

The seam line between the side and rear parts compliments the overall design of the kabuto's line details. ^^

Almost forgot to apply the two pieces of foil stickers that sit on top of the head there. ^^;

Done for the head.

All done for this kit. ^^

All hail Shin Musha Gundam! ^^

More images of this completed kit, complete with its weapons in the next posting. ^^

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