Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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The sky outside my house at 5.45PM.

Unlike my friends in the United States, especially those living in the east coast who are currently suffering from Hurricane Irene, and those in Taiwan who are battling Typhoon Nanmadol (God bless you all, your families and friends), we here are having some really hot hazy days with very terrible air quality. There were a few showers late at night and very early in the morning in the last few days, which did very little help in clearing off the hot weather. So seeing this storm coming is quite a welcoming scene, at least for me. Hopefully the rain will be heavy enough to clean the air for the next few days.

Writing and waiting right now, and while the sky is still dark, I'm still not hearing any raindrop outside my windows yet. Is this going to be another false alarm? -_-

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Chris said...

Indeed it is, another false alarm and no rain on Tuesday night.