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S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva Part 9 [Final]

It's complicated

The last part of the review on S.I.C. Vol. 54 Kamen Rider Ixa and Kamen Rider Dark Kiva already, ^^ and as mentioned in the previous posting, S.I.C. Vol. 50 Kamen Rider Kiva is here. ^^

Comparison between the two Kivas.
Can definitely see the similarities in design on the upper arms, hand units, hip and thigh.

Too bad for Kamen Rider Kiva, there's no Garulu Saber form change in S.I.C. version for him to match Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's Zanvat Sword. ^^;

Death to the loser!

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva playing the Bloody Rose.
A depiction of Otoya, Wataru's father as the Kamen Rider I suppose.

Except the lighter shade of brown on Kamen Rider Dark Kiva's Bloody Rose, there's no difference at all between the two violin.
I don't care about the color difference anyway. ^^

Comparison of the different Kivat-Bats between the two releases.

It's father and son playing the same violin together. ^^

Comparison between Kamen Rider Ixa and Kamen Rider Kiva.
Kamen Rider Ixa was the most prominent rival of Kiva at the beginning of the series, all the way till where I left the show at midpoint.

"Get out of my show!" XD

Since Otoya used the unfinished Ixa System back in 1986 in the story, I supposed you can also display Kamen Rider Ixa (in Save Mode) alongside Kamen Rider Kiva and imagine the father-and-son scene, again, like Kiva and Dark Kiva. Meanwhile, since Taiga Nobori who ascended to become Kamen Rider Dark Kiva in the show is actually Wataru's half brother, when the three comes together, it can actually be a rather strange but accurate family reunion session. ^^

It's complicated! XD

I better put Kamen Rider Ixa in Burst Mode to get away from all that confusion. ^^;

A very nice S.I.C. figure set I would say. Both Kamen Rider Ixa and Dark Kiva have great details to admire, consistent to the series' standards. No doubt there's a lot of personal preference mixed into that observation to begin with, since I'm a big fan of the show and the Kamen Rider design from it. ^^

There's only a 1,000-Yen difference between the two S.I.C. releases. While this set comes with two figures, each with its own handheld weapons and accessories that are definitely more than the ones included with Kamen Rider Kiva, the latter does have more die-cast material incorporated into its design. So in terms of feel, the "C" portion of "S.I.C." for Kamen Rider Kiva is definitely heavier than the two in this set, literally too. ^^

Done with the review on this S.I.C. set, it's time to go back to HCM-Pro Gundam Dynames next. ^^

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