Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 10

Bother the shoulder

Catching up on the work for Master Grade Force Impulse Gundam this time. ^^

Very rarely do shoulder armors of a particular kit take the limelight of an entire posting. It seems that MG Force Impulse Gundam is the first one to take that "honor" on my blog XD

All parts for the shoulder armors, which have repetitive details for either side.

Parts that require a lot of detailing.

Apart from the details on the rear face of each plate armor (four in total), some simpler details can be seen on the "ceiling" when the parts are assembled.
Since the shoulder armors are forward-facing in Chest Flyer mode, panel lining and painting all the details are important to showcase the entire design.

The insertion pins of the white parts is a minor bother to me, as the obvious contrast in color of that assembled area doesn't seem that pleasing to me.

Very simple treatment to get that color "consistency" I'm looking for - just paint the protruding faces of the pins blue using Gundam Marker and no more white spots behind the blue armors. ^^

Moving on to the real deal of this particular posting: detailing the rear faces of the armor plates.
Just like the skirt armors, I'm not satisfied with the very light initial result for the lines done using the black paint with thinner method (left), so I reapply all the lines using panel liner to make them more obvious (right).

Not content with just simple lines, a few colors would make the details stand out more I say XD
First color: gray (using Gundam Marker) for the frame in the middle.

Second color: gold (using normal pen) for some of areas (no longer having any will to guess what those parts are supposed to be XD)

Third color: silver (using normal pen) for the pipes.

A closer look at the details.

Simple panel-lining for the details on the "ceiling" and on the outside.

Following the color scheme from the manual, the interior of the light blue vents is painted gray using Gundam Marker.

Tiny but delicate vent details behind the top part of the shoulder armors.

Consistent with the standard for Master Grade releases from "Gundam SEED Destiny", even the connector joint parts have tons of details to show, all which are panel lined of course. ^^

Even though the paint from normal pens is quite hard to dry, that's not really a problem for the shoulder armors. Since the shoulder joints are separated from the details, their movement will not affect all the paint work done. The details are really just for show in that sense, but they will be pretty obvious in Chest Flyer mode, as mentioned earlier on, which is why so much work is done on getting so many colors onto such small parts.

Moving on to the arms next.

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The usual "Ngee Treatment" for small gold/silver compartments