Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 3

Connection to Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa

Introducing all of Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir's accessories and option parts after the previous posting. ^^

Accessories and option parts of Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir.

Three option face parts included. ^^ That's two more as compared to Alleyne's content. ^^
Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa introduced just a while ago (who has no connection whatsoever with this action figure of Ymir ^^) has three option face parts as well. ^^

Connecting slots behind the face parts.

A hinge joint (enabled by a small Revoltech joint) allows the fringe to be lifted for Ymir's face part to be swapped.

Ymir shown with the three option face parts.
The last one is the Revoltech Queen's Blade series's special "M" mode type. ^^

Only one option left spread palm included.

The default open-type hand unit.

Three "M" mode parts for Ymir's costume. ^^

The ripped dress.

All the minor details on the part are just as well done as the default on the figure herself. ^^

The ripped skirt part.

The wrinkle and fabric-like wave details can be much clearer with the skirt being a separated part. ^^
The paint difference between sections of the part can be observed very clearly as well. ^^

Ymir's untied underwear. ^^

The standard RevolContainer and RevolChip.
The age of this Revoltech set is apparent since RevolChip is no longer part of the accessory list for Revoltech releases since quite some time ago. ^^;

All of Ymir's face parts and hand unit can go into the mini container, ...

... but it's useless for all the other parts. ^^;

The standard Revoltech display stand for this Queen's Blade series.

The stand is unique to Ymir with her name nicely printed on the base. ^^

A slot of the back of the figure (which is quite an eyesore in my opinion ^^;) and one beneath the heel can be used to mount the figure to the display base.

The extension part makes the stand a bit too tall for Ymir. ^^; It may be good for off-the-ground action poses, but not that great for a plain standing pose. ^^;

The connection between the stand and the figure is extremely tight and firm too, as you can see from the image above. ^^

A look at Ymir's articulation design and some action poses next. ^^

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