Thursday, April 11, 2013

Revoltech Griffon Part 3

When the option part becomes the weakness

A look at Revoltech Griffon's articulation design after the previous posting. ^^

Tilting the head from side to side, upward and downward can be done very easily.

The double-point Revoltech joint gives the neck a wide vertical articulation range. Wrapped inside a "fake" neck cone, the joint itself is effectively concealed when it's viewed from the side. ^^

Revoltech joint for the shoulders.

Using the peg of that large Revoltech joint, it's very easy for the arms and shoulders to swivel forward or backward.

Even though the upper arm is fixed to the shoulder,the forearm can still be swiveled to the front using the peg of the elbow joint allows.

The elbow joint itself can be turned to the front, giving the forearm the ability for its elbow joint to be bent upward.

Standard 90-degree bending range for the elbow.

Simple wrist peg behind the hand unit allows it to be rotated.

Bending the upper body from side to side, upward and downward can be done very easily.

A single 10mm Revoltech joint enables all the waist's movements.

Non-Revoltech type swivel joints for the hips.

With no skirt armor of any sort that would get in the way, the hips have a very wide range of movement. ^^

Not enough with the hip swivel joints, another set is incorporated for the thighs as well.

About 90 degrees for the knee bend.

Revoltech joint allows the ankle to bend upward and downward very easily.
The forward motion is limited by the protruding ankle ankle, a limitation that is unfortunate but is obvious enough to expect from the beginning. ^^;

The Revoltech joint's peg allows the foot to be swivel from side to side as well, albeit with limited range.

A natural-looking kneeling pose can be adjusted very easily for Griffon. None of the joints pose any limitation to the leg, but the fixed protruding knee cover is not helping in the overall look though. ^^;

Two Revoltech joints control the wing bases' horizontal and vertical movements.

Each wing can be bent upward for 90 degrees.

With both wings folded upward.

A very impressive display of its wingspan when the two wings are lifted and folded to the side. ^^

Total wingspan is close to 26cm.

Some action poses of Revoltech Griffon after the introduction on its articulation design:

While it's indeed very articulated, as you can see from the action poses shown above, the articulation design of Griffon is not anymore impressive than that of the previous reviewed Revoltech figure - VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. Another way to look at this: it doesn't display any special or outstanding articulation features not seen on other Revoltech figures I have in my collection. However, the design is a very effective application of what Revoltech joints are capable of in supporting the adjustment of action poses on the figures, and Griffon certainly excels in that area. ^^

It's not special, but it's very fun to play with. ^^

Unfortunately, the short display stand that could only connect to Griffon's heel somewhat places a cap on the fun though. ^^; It's just too short to support a decent off the ground pose for the figure. ^^; Also, due to its wings, it's not easy balancing the figure with one of its ankled folded downward and pegged onto the display stand. The longer-type stand is preferable, but that would be impossible as it was introduced in later releases. On a related note, since that stand is unavailable for Griffon from jump, there's no peg slot behind its waist to accommodate one to begin with. ^^;

More action poses featuring Revoltech Griffon coming up next. ^^

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