Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine Part 2

Simplified design, but with additional emblem details

A look at Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine's accessories and option parts after the introduction last night. ^^

Accessories and option parts for Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine.
The list is more "extensive" than that of the previous Revoltech figure reviewed - Griffon, but is still not as crazy as Skeleton Army's list. ^^

The shoulder-mounted mini gun.

The amount of sculpt details is of course not as extensive as that on the same weapon on Hot Toys' 1/6 scale, but the overall design is still very movie-accurate. ^^

Interior of the mini gun muzzle.

The mount rack on War Machine's back is fixed.
Changes to the mini gun's position will depend entirely on the adjustments to its two Revoltech joints.

With the mini gun mounted and positioned on the right.

Very nice molded details for the ammo belt. All the different segments on it can be seen very clearly. ^^

Rear face of the belt.

(Left) The belt is about 8cm in length.
(Right) The ammo belt's flexibility is clearly demonstrated. ^^

Evidenced by the slots' shape on the figure's back, the mini gun's feed tray and the ammo belt's ends, the connecting position for all of them is specific.

Done with the configuration on the mini gun and ammo belt, although the latter is not visible at all in the image above. ^^;

Two pairs of option hand units and the default closed fist pair.

A pair of spread palms.

A pair of "chop-type" palms meant to showcase the Repulsor beam attack (explicitly).

Connecting points for the wrist joints.

The default pair of closed fists.

Any of the option hand units can be swapped onto the figure's wrist easily.

(Left) A typical name plate featuring the character name and movie origin.
(Right) The standard RevolContainer.

Unlike Skeleton Army, all except one (the large mini gun attack effect part) can be fitted into RevolContainer for War Machine. ^^ In other words, RevolContainer's inclusion for this Revoltech set is more practical and useful. XD

The three effect parts will be introduced in the action poses segment in a separate posting. ^^

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine:

Closeups on the details:



[Mini gun]



As compared to the Hot Toys' 1/6 scale version, this Sci-fi Revoltech figure has a visible darker color scheme overall. Even in this smaller scale, the paint work is very detailed, with all the different parts of the armor painted accurately according to War Machine's design. The finishing contrast between the matte dark gray area, metallic silver parts and the glossy black shoulder and forearm mounted weapons is quite a delight to see as well. It's not merely a dark gray and silver figure for sure. ^^

The detailing on this figure is amazing to say the least. ^^ Looking at it in close distance, all the major details on Hot Toys' 1/6 scale version are present, with the mini gun and forearm machine cannons having the most amount of sculpt details. The accurate paint work on various large and small areas just add to the great display of details overall. My personal favorite part on the figure when it comes to display of details is the legs. Not only are they sculptured nicely, tiny silver segments that decorate the knee and shin areas are a delight to look at. ^^

A look at Sci-fi Revoltech War Machine's articulation design next. ^^

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