Friday, April 19, 2013

Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa Part 2

Cool watch and canned mackerel

What did I say about the plain standing pose of Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa in the figure's introduction yesterday? ^^

More images of this Nendoroid figure in her plain standing pose: ^^

Closeups on the details:

Despite branding the figure to be "simple-looking" and "plain" since the previous posting, the detail treatment is actually very well done. The tiny white stripes on her school uniform are very accurately painted and can be seen very easily. Also, small parts such as the really cool-looking digital watch Rinko is wearing, as well as her orange sport shoes are definitely outstanding in terms of their colors, but the amount of details on the parts are equally impressive as well. ^^ So, the figure might be simple-looking, the details are still amazing. ^^

Speaking of looks, the watch and sport shoes are a little too outstanding to match the school uniform, aren't they? ^^ I'm suspect that awkward combination of wearable is part of Rinko's character design, as her Figma version shows her to be wearing the same watch and sport shoes. ^^ The reasons are not clear to me, but the watch and shoes do stand out a lot on the figure in my opinion, especially when everything else about her seems to be about subtlety and simplicity. ^^

On the other hand, one of the accessories included is of a higher level of awkwardness than the watch and sport shoes. ^^

A look at all the accessories and option parts included for Rinko next:

Accessories and option parts for Nendoroid Rinko Kobayakawa.

Another option part I forgot to include into the picture: a bent leg. ^^;

A total of four face parts (including the default part) for Rinko.
My personal favorite is the deformed mischievous type shown in the last two images above. ^^

Rear view of the face part.

Standard part-swapping design to change between the face parts.

Two magnet attachments near the ears are non-standard design for a Nendoroid figure though. ^^ 
As a matter of fact, this is the first Nendoroid figure reviewed on this blog that features this design.
More on the ear magnets later. ^^

Rinko with the three different option face parts.

Portable music player and earphones.

The screen and buttons are printed details on the music player. The overall design is extremely simple, but its purpose is unmistakable. ^^

The music player is attached to Rinko by "hanging" the ring onto her neck joint. ^^

Earphones featuring round magnets inside the buds.

While the magnets inside the rear head part are hidden behind Rinko's ears on the figure, the magnets' strength is enough to let the parts stay connected.

Five option arms.
Judging from the presence/absence of the cool watch, it's easy to tell that there are two option right arms, and three left. ^^

(Left) While the two bent right arms look the same, they do have different cut angles at shoulder level, so their display will be different when connected to the figure.(Right) The same level of detailed paint work for the watch. ^^

Together with that on the default right arm, there are three really cool-looking digital watches to be seen in this Nendoroid set. ^^

Even the molded lines on the watch strap can be seen clearly. ^^

The special option left arm with a can of mackerel.
Yup, that's right, mackerel - 鯖. ^^ It's Rinko's favorite food perhaps. ^^

The can has a fantastic design for such a small part. The sculpt work, color and printed details do make it look believable as a food can. ^^

The bottom view of the can.

Another two option left arms.

The default pair of straight arms.

All the arms can be detached at sleeve level, and with their round pegs, all of them can swivel around on that joint as well.

Some action poses from Rinko using the different accessories and option parts will be featured in the next posting. ^^

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