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Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 1

Giant ax-wielding not-so little girl

It's "Revoltech-mania" for my blog this month, ^^ with this third Revoltech review in April coming up. ^^

While all of them are indeed Revoltech figures, everybody comes from different sub-series actually. Griffon is from the Yamaguchi series, even though it wasn't labelled so when it was released; War Machine is from the Sci-fi Revoltech series; while this figure is from a sub-series I haven't had any new review in more than two years. ^^;

This is Ymir from the Queen's Blade series. She is from a sub-series in Revoltech so special I have to use the line break feature on Blogger for the first time (officially) when writing this review. ^^

The last Revoltech Queen's Blade figure to be featured on this blog was Alleyne, in March 2011. She was the first from the series that I got, but I managed to get myself a few other characters that I like from the series, including the super-duper hard-to-get Cattleya. ^^ The number of figures I have from this sub-series is not enough to establish a harem, but I'm suspecting that I might just get "intoxicated" enough to aim for that if I go back and re-watch the anime series a couple more times. XD

Ymir appeared in Episode 9 of the first TV series, which featured the debut of Cattleya as well. The two are shown to be not just rivals in that particular episode's Queen's Blade match, but "business competitors" as well. ^^ They are more of a one-sided desire to compete, as the challenges were initiated by Ymir alone. In the subsequent series when the tournament was entering its final stage, Ymir's strong "entrepreneurship" propelled her to devise some dirty tricks to profit off Leina's popularity. XD That situation almost felt like crazed fans spending tons of money trying to get some so-called limited items just because of certain popular pop idols or idol groups. ^^; Seeing similar "trend" in a fictitious medieval setting that is the world of Queen's Blade was very amusing to me. ^^ Her rivalry with Cattleya and supposed greed should make Ymir a rather unlikable character in the story, but who could hate a giant ax wielding loli in maid outfit? XD

Since anime girls of pretty much all archetypes have a representative in "Queen's Blade", I suppose there has to be one for the fans of lolis as well. ^^; It's a group I don't belong to, but I do like Ymir for her comedic nature and voice performance. In many ways, those two character design features seem intermingled to me. ^^ She's funny because she talked to others with a very old lady-type tone but with the voice of a little girl. Ymir is voiced by Ayaka Saito (齋藤彩夏), who also voiced Chiyo-chan in "Azumanga Web Daioh". Ayaka performed Ymir's lines with the same voice as Chiyo-chan, so you can just imagine the voice of an 10-year-old coming out from the Dwarven princess's mouth. ^^ At the same time, Ymir's fear for snake and her aforementioned business mind are comedic elements made funnier by her child-like voice. I would almost equate her to Nanael, but Nanael was funny for being a total goofball, as you would expect from her voice actress Aya Hirano (平野綾), who also voiced Haruhi in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and Konata in "Lucky Star". ^^ For Ymir, she's on a different level when it comes to character silliness. Interestingly, Nanael was in Episode 9 as well, and shared a few funny scenes with Ymir. ^^ For that, and Cattleya's first appearance, I think I'll call Episode 9 the best episode of the entire TV series. XD

By the way, Ymir just looked to be the youngest among all the characters in the TV series. She was in fact the oldest. ^^; Her exact age was never revealed to not disappoint her fans I suppose. XD

In terms of her figure release in this Revoltech sub-series, Ymir came out in March 2011, half a year after the release of Alice the Gate Opener. To date, she is the last character from the first and second TV series to be included in this Revoltech sub-series. Disregarding alternate "2P color" version of already released characters, there are only four new releases after Ymir: No. 13 Annelotte (an art book limited release in August 2011), No. 14 Sigui (April 2012 release), No. 15 Alice Boost Ver. (May 2012 release) and No. 16 Branwen (an art book limited release in November 2012). The entire series is a little better than the "frozen" Fraulein sub-series I suppose, ^^; since it didn't entirely stop after a certain release. The universe of Queen's Blade is huge, with so many characters who only ever came out as PVC figurines in the past, so I certainly hope this Revoltech sub-series gets new releases soon. ^^

Back to Ymir. ^^

The figure itself can be seen clearly through the front window, right in the middle of the huge letter "Q".

The huge battle ax that pokes out on the right hand side of the front window is certainly part of this Revoltech set's focus. ^^

Closeups on the content.

The paper jacket band introduces Ymir's five independently movable fingers on her right gauntlet and previews new releases (in 2011) from various sub-series of Revoltech.

Box cover without the paper jacket band.

Generic Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom. ^^

Introduction of the figure, emphasizing the "S" (attack) and "M" (defeat) modes which are special features of the Queen's Blade sub-series. ^^
The figure in "M" mode will not be covered in this review series (even with the extra link to click through on the home page). ^^;

Box open.

Instruction on recognizing the slots of the five gauntlet fingers and six curly buns is shown on the ears of the box.

Top view of the box content.

Closeups on the content.

Package content with the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the box content.

A straight out of box display of Ymir

Plastic wrappers on some of the curly buns, arms and chest need to be removed.

A quick introduction on Ymir's huge battle ax:

It's indeed a very big weapon. ^^ Its size is just a little smaller than Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood's "the Punisher" I think. ^^

Simple but very nice painted and molded details on the entire ax. ^^

Unfortunately, there's a little paint chip right in the middle of the ax's edge. It's the untreated nub mark after the part is removed from its runner during production process I suppose. ^^;
It's a minor flaw that would distort the wholeness of the ax' beautiful look upon close scrutiny. ^^

The overall length of the ax is close to 17cm. ^^

A white peg on the handle corresponds with a slot on the palm area of the right gauntlet for the figure to hold her weapon securely.

The position of the connecting point between the weapon and her gauntlet allows Ymir to be shown holding her ax in a combat-ready pose. ^^

More images of Ymir with her battle ax coming up next.

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