Monday, April 29, 2013

Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir Part 2

Even the tiniest detail matters

More images of Revoltech Queen's Blade Ymir after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Closeups on the details:





[Battle ax]


The battle ax's accurately executed yellow pattern and clearly separated silver segment for the blade from the red body almost look minor when compared to the detail treatment given to Ymir's dress and armor. ^^ As a matter of fact, Griffon and War Machine would look dull and monotonous when compared to this figure. ^^; Then again, there's no real purpose in making such a direct color comparison since all of them were produced according to their designs. However, on the matter of production, comparing between the three Revoltech figures does reveal how Kaiyodo managed to juggle between mecha and character-based figures.

In terms of sculpting, all the curly buns, segments of the sleeves, wrinkles on the apron, layered and folded look of the white dress, ribbons on the back and straps extending from her underwear look amazing. It's even more amazing when some of them are actually made of different materials: the buns are made of hard plastic, while the apron and dress are made of soft rubbery material. The sculpted details on the different component look cohesive when put together as a single figure despite the different materials used. ^^

There are more to look at and talk about in terms of paint work and detailing. ^^ The pupil treatment is accurate and beautiful as usual; the different segments of the sleeves are painted in white and powder blue very nicely; the color separation for the belts, ring, and pouches on the apron all of them are molded onto is wonderful; the gauntlet and boots have clear glossy treatment; all the yellow stripes on various parts of Ymir's costume, including those which aren't obvious to detect on her soles are beautifully painted; minor details like her earrings, which are hidden behind the two locks of hair on either side of her face most of the time, are given glossy treatment as well. ^^ Not enough with one face part, the same accurate paint work can be observed on the other three option face parts included as well. ^^ As a person who like to be amazed by the inclusion of details for minor parts, the amount of details on this Revoltech figure is definitely more than enough to impress me. ^^

The application of Revoltech joints on the two broad action figure categories is a separate issue, but in terms of detail handling, Kaiyodo's craftsmanship and attention to details is evidently very impressive. ^^

A look at all the accessories and option parts included for Ymir next. ^^

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