Monday, April 1, 2013

Keropla God Keron Part 27

Forever cheerful

Rolling out the second kit from Keropla God Keron after the completion of Keroro and Keroro Robo Mk-II back in early March. ^^

Following the sequence of the five kits' detailing work last year, it's Tamama's and Tamama Robo Mk-II's turn to be assembled this time. ^^

All the paper containers that hold the parts of Tamama and Tamama Robo Mk-II.

Parts of the mini figure, control pod and display base.

Separable components of the mini figure and display base.

A little wiggling action is possible for Tamama's tadpole tail. ^^
When the tail is flipped to the side, there's enough space for the display stand to peg onto the back.

Like Keroro, the limbs' joints are pre-molded onto the body frame part. The arms and legs need to be rotated and bent downward.

Done for the mini figure. ^^

The posability is the same as Keroro's.

Comparison with Keroro.

Minus Tamama's little tail and the two figures' color schemes, Keroro and Tamama look completely identical from the back. ^^

Just three parts for the control pod, which can be assembled very easily.

The polygonal tab behind the seat that connects to Tamama's butt (XD) will be touching his tail when the figure is mounted. It's a tight and precise fit. ^^

Tamama on his control pod.

With the fin folded, Tamama can ride his control pod like a scooter. ^^

Except for the headlights which were painted white, the control pod is identical to Keroro's.

All the figures in this bundled set comes with two different sets of eye expression stickers. The "normal" type is obviously the default pair, with design following the molded details on their pupils. The second pair of stickers feature some wacky expressions which are true to the characters' personality. ^^ For Tamama, his second set of eye expression stickers depicts a determined look. Since I painted/panel lined all the eye parts (except for Dororo who have stickers applied to his eyes) instead of using any of the optional eye expression stickers, Tamama gets to stay cheerful forever. ^^

Moving on to Tamama Robo Mk-II's assembly next. ^^

Parts of the legs.

Separable components of the legs before the final assembly.

Paper applied to the shin area of the left leg.
Like the sticker work kin Part 21, superglue is used to ensure that the sticker adhere to the plastic surface securely.

Done for the two legs.

A wide range of articulation is possible for the legs: (left) forward bend for the ankle joints, (right) a full 90 degrees backward bend is possible for the same joint, which is meant more for Tamama Robo Mk-II's transformation design.
Keroro Robo Mk-II's legs have the same flexible backward bend capabilities for its legs.

90-degree bend for the knee joint. Hinge and swivel combinational joints will ensure that the hips and thighs have flexibility in their movements, perhaps on par with Keroro Robo Mk-II's.

The ball-type ankle joint allows the legs to bend from side to side as well.

Taking advantage of the double-jointed ankle joint, you can "slide" the foot forward and backward. ^^;

A look at the ankle joint behind the leg.

A little claw can be flipped outward from beneath the foot, a feature that is reserved for Tamama Robo Mk-II's transformation design. ^^

Will move on to the body's and arms' assembly next. ^^

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