Friday, April 26, 2013

Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Megatron Part 5

The ability to do way more than what he did in the movie

An introduction of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron's articulation design after the previous posting. ^^

Without any part around it that would obstruct its movement, the head has very flexible range of vertical and horizontal movements.

Ball-type joint spotted for the neck.

The hinge segment of the shoulder joint allows it to be bent upward. Its movement will be stopped by the collision between the head and the bumper piece above the shoulder.

A look at the hinge segment of the shoulder joint.

The swivel segment of the shoulder joint allows the arms to swing forward/backward.

The upper arm can swivel around the shoulder as well.

Unlike most other figures, Megatron's "elbow" can be said to be a separate segment of the arm. The two hinge joints connecting it with the upper arm and forearm gives Megatron a near 180-degree range of elbow bend. ^^
As shown in Part 3, the transformation design of the wrist gives it the ability to fold inward, almost completely. ^^

The chest can swivel around on top of the abdomen.

Even without extending the hips following the transformation design, the legs can still be expanded outward for a considerably wide range. ^^

Closeups on the swivel segment of the hip joints.

Unfortunately, in their retracted state, the hips can't support the legs' forward/backward movement.

With the hips expanded, the legs can actually enjoy a very impressive forward/backward movement range. ^^

A look at the forward/backward swivel of the hip joints.

Another benefit for the legs from the transformation design, the lower legs can swivel around the knee joint.
Most other figures have similar articulation range enabled by a separated thigh swivel. The lower legs' swivel joint is a worthy compensation for the lack of that particular joint on Megatron I think. ^^

About 100 degrees of knee bend I suppose. ^^

Through the transformation design again, Megatron has an ankle joint, arguably (^^;), that only gives the feet the ability to be tilted downward. It's not a very useful joint since the entire calf and heel section is fixed. The ankle area is definitely very stiff despite the existence of this ankle joint. ^^;

Utilizing the flexible hip and knee joints, Megatron has a very natural-looking kneeling pose. ^^

The ability to mount the Fusion Cannon on the truck's rooftop in vehicle mode is inherited by the robot mode, only it's shown as mounting the weapon on its back instead. ^^

Even with the cape and hood equipped, Megatron can still lift up his left arm due to the soft rubber material of the cape, but there are some weaknesses in display though. ^^;

(Left) The fixed shape of the cape would gradually push the arm downward,
(Right) and the face would be blocked (not concealed anymore ^^;) by the hood that is lifted together with the cape. ^^;

Without the cape and hood, Megatron's articulation is really impressive for a Transformers figure. ^^ All the joints introduced above certainly give him the ability to perform more action poses than what he accomplished in the entire movie. ^^;

With support using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver..

More action poses from Megatron coming up next in the last posting of this review series. ^^

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