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Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Megatron Part 4

All Hail Megatron

More images of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron in robot mode after showing off its transformation design in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:


The hood is doing a pretty good job in hiding Megatron's face it seems - it's only visible in the pictures taken with the camera flash turned on. ^^


[Left arm]

[Right arm]

[Fusion Blaster]


Disregarding the connection with the actual movie character, I think this is an excellent Transformers action figure design. ^^ The proportion is good, with no extra parts or appendages dangling here and there to distort the view. ^^; That feature alone is a huge factor for me in considering if a Transformers figure is a good design or not. There are many designs with large backpack-like equipment on the figures just because there are parts in their alternate mode that aren't involved in the transformation process. The designs are still passable since all are just representation of the actual characters, but that doesn't change the fact that the looks of their robot mode suffer because of those "extra" parts. ^^; Not for Megatron though, the robot mode is very solid-looking. ^^

Still on the topic of looks, the figure has enough elements of a fierce-looking Decepticon design I think. The claws, weapon, hood and cape, eight-pack abs (take that six-pack XD), and especially the "fangs" on the chest look pretty menacing. ^^ The fangs are only revealed in robot mode, as they are hidden beneath the black front bumper and actual truck bumper in vehicle mode. They don't have any actual application on the figure other than for its final look. I'm definitely glad that they are included, because they certainly fulfill their purpose of giving Megatron that fierce look. ^^

Even though it's a good figure design, it's quite far-off in terms of movie accuracy though, unfortunately. ^^; It's too thin, especially the arms. There are design elements that are missing too, mainly all the chains that were shown to be wrapped around Megatron's body in the movie. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be for in the movie, and the designer of this figure didn't seem to care either. XD As mentioned in Part 1, the Fusion Cannon's inclusion is not exactly movie-accurate as well, even though I really like its design. Between size, details and weapon, I think the huge size gap between this figure and the actual character design is most disappointing. Regardless of the fierce-looking details as mentioned earlier on, if it's not bulky enough, it doesn't have the visual element of brute strength and power. ^^; Shockwave from the same series is a great example of why size does matters for fierce look. The Leader Class version of Megatron from "Revenge of the Fallen" is a good example as well, while the lack of articulation (playability) is the main issue I didn't pick it up, the sheer bulk and fierce look that is projected from that is extremely impressive.

Megatron's size in robot mode is most probably limited by the vehicle mode I suppose. As shown in Part 2, it's proportionately smaller than Shockwave's vehicle mode, so there's limited mass for the figure to shift around to become relatively bigger in robot mode. It's just physically impossible I guess. ^^; If it's going to feature the bulk, it will be stumpy, if it's going to have the same height as Shockwave, then it can't be bulky anymore. ^^;

If Hasbro has any intention of giving Megatron a Leader Class release in the future - I certainly hope for that to happen since the Decepticon leader in "Dark of the Moon" is the only version without a Leader Class treatment, I definitely hope that the vehicle mode is designed to be much bulkier to beef up the robot mode. ^^ If Leader Class Optimus Prime from "Revenge of the Fallen" can have such a muscular look from a semi-truck without a trailer, Megatron with his full trailer should be able to do better. ^^

Then again, if there were any plan for a Leader Class release of Megatron from the third movie, it would have been released maybe two years ago. ^^; I think the possibility of seeing TakaraTomy coming up with a new version of Masterpiece Megatron is more likely at this point. ^^;

The straight peg that connects the hood to the right shoulder can't be inserted all the way into its dedicated slot unfortunately. ^^ Because of the connection point's relatively secluded position on the figure, the exposed segment of the peg is not too visible from the front. ^^

Another look at the cape and hood.

While the straps aren't painted, the rough texture looks good to reflect the cape's fabric nature. ^^
On the other hand, the entire part is made of soft rubber and can be bent easily.

A look at Megatron without his cape and hood.

Closeups on the deformed head, and left arm:

The attempt to give Megatron a deformed look for his head seems rather minimal, as the deformation is only located around his right eye. ^^; In the movie, almost half of his left skull is missing I think, so along with the head being a little too small (which is consistent but unfortunately so with the entire robot mode itself ^^;), the overall design is not close enough to represent Megatron from the movie. For this figure only, the head's proportion is just right to match the "slim" body, but to be movie-accurate, the head should look somewhat similar to the design in "Revenge of the Fallen" I think, with his animal-like fangs made to be much more menacing-looking and obvious. ^^; However, given how the head is designed to be sitting inside the cockpit module and is squeezed between the shoulder joints in vehicle mode, it's understandable why the head has to be in this small size.

A look at this figure's articulation design in the next posting. ^^

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